june highlights

June Highlights

June has finally past and hands up if you can’t believe how quickly this year has gone. We’re past the halfway mark of 2016 already which is crazy. June was fairly eventful and as usual, I’m sharing the best bits of the past month with all of you today.

There’s a mixture of cats, food and some pretty cool scenic views down below.

Here’s a bit of an overview then I’ll delve into more details afterwards:

june highlights instagram

  • I went back to The Cat Lounge! They have new kitties (more photos further down).
  • We went for a nice walk with awesome views towards the city.
  • It’s been so long since I bought new books but I got 2 coffee table ones and a short story.
  • Another walk along Devonport with a nice view towards Rangitoto Island.
  • I won Turbo 12 packs of Temptation Cat Treats from Pinksparkles.
  • I stumbled upon an Asian store having a sale so I checked it out and I scored some awesome goodies.
  • I was invited to my first Indian wedding and I liked my outfit even if it wasn’t traditional. See my full outfit post here.
  • I was kindly sent some merino stuff from Avoca. I will be doing a blog post about them soon so watch out.
  • After saying a few months back that I don’t get snapchat, I’ve been pretty active on there and I’m loving the filters!

Going back to my first point above, I went back to The Cat Lounge because they have new kittens. My partner and my sister’s bf have never been so it was a great opportunity to do so. Turbo is quite big now so it was so nice to cuddle little kittens.

the cat lounge

The little kitty Ed jumped up on my partner’s chest and slept there for 40mins. He couldn’t move but he didn’t complain either. It was so cute! Kong was also super affectionate especially to my sister. It was so adorable. That was such a good day. I want all the kittens!

We also went for a few walks and had pretty views.


north head devonport auckland

We walked up North Head although it was chilly, the view up there is always beautiful. We also got takeaways afterwards which defeated the purpose of the walk but it was worth it.


auckland walk northcote

We went for a walk around the Chelsea Heritage Estate. We haven’t been there in years and it was really nice. The park had a lot of dogs and the view towards the city was amazing.

auckland view beach

For my job, I have to do site visits. One of the sites I had to go to was near a beach so I went down and checked it out quickly. It is winter so no one was there but the view was pretty good and serene. Work has actually been good lately. Busy but so far so good and not as stressful as I was this time last year.

One Saturday, my sister and I had an early full-body massage then we had brunch afterwards.

fact-tree cafe

We went to Fact-Tree which is this amazing cafe in the North Shore. We love it there. They have good coffee and smoothies and even better food. I always order the salt and pepper squid because if you know me well, I basically order calamari/salt and pepper squid if it’s on the menu at almost every cafe and restaurant. Yup I love it.

My sister always order the Thai beef salad (upper right) and omg it is amazing. It has crispy noodle on top and the beef is so tender and full off flavour. Fact-Tree has never disappointed us.

This day was another awesome day because after brunch, we went home and had a movie marathon since the weather was really crap and rainy.

indian weddingAs I mentioned above, I went to an Indian wedding for the first time. I didn’t know what to expect and I was blown away. There were so much sparkles it was amazing. The bride was stunning and my friend (the groom), was funny. The food afterwards was authentic Indian food too and it was so good. My partner came too but we had no photos together but we both had a great night.

I have a full outfit post of what I wore for the wedding. Check it out here.

My monthly highlights post wouldn’t be without Turbo.

turbo tuxedo cat

June marked 6 months of having Turbo in my life and as naughty as he is, I wouldn’t change for the world. He is my love (sorry to my bf but he feels the same too just look at that left photo). His winter coat has come and he is so much fluffier. For more photos of Turbs, check out his Instagram: turbothetuxedo.

Here are some others I forgot to include above:

june highlights cat thrifting

  • We see 3-4 cats walking in our backyard but we this cute but scared cat one weekend. We offered treats but it didn’t want it. The cat was hunting for a tiny mouse though but we interrupted it so he/she wasn’t happy with us.
  • I had a massive thrift haul last month. I got so many things for bargain prices. I’m still thinking of whether to haul it or not but if you follow me on snapchat, you would’ve seen it in my snap story.
  • I worked from home for the first time last week and I was actually really productive. Turbo did distract me during the first few hours by lying on my work documents but after a while, he slept on the bed under my desk and right by my feet.
  • I got a notification from Number One Shoes that my photo was chosen from their Instagram competition so I get to have my money back from buying this awesome pair of oxfords. YAY!


Lastly, you should follow me on Snapchat! My username is angelamari04 but I should come up as Astylecollector. I’ve had that account before my blog and annoyingly we can’t change the username on there so I’m stuck with it. Starting over and making a new account is too much of a hassle now.

Anyway, I don’t just post selfies (the only ones I managed to save were selfies for this post though) but it’s a sneak peak of my daily life so there’s a lot of Turbo, work antics or my general life. It’s more up to date than my Instagram (astylecollector) which you should also check out.

In case you missed any of my posts last month, here are my top three:

I hope you had a great month like I did. If you’re in NZ, keep warm guys. July is about to get freezing! If you have snapchat, leave me your usernames too so I can see more stories from you. 🙂

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