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Brand Focus: Love Cosmetics

To continue my Brand Focus series, I’m featuring LOVE cosmetics from Kmart. I don’t know how many people have heard about this brand as I haven’t seen any blog posts about it. At first I only bought three things to try out but I eventually got a few more because I was so intrigued and since I have quite a few, I think it’s enough for this series.

I have 7 products to share with you today. If you want to see swatches and my review of each one, continue down below.

love cosmetics makeup kmart

The 7 products I have are highlighter, lipsticks, mascara and brow products and I’ve tried all of them. For $4, I don’t regret buying any.  Yes, you read it right, each product in this brand is only $4 each!

Before I start my reviews, I want to talk about the packaging. It’s really cute and eye-catching. It is a bit childish but I like it. The products themselves are plainer than the boxes though so they’re not too tacky. The liners are plain white with gold writing and the others are in this purple tube with polka dots. They’re plasticky and light but for $4, I didn’t expect the packaging to be sturdy.

Moving on, the first product below is the highlighter.

love cosmetics face shimmer.jpg

This is the Face Shimmer in Natural Glow.

love cosmetics face shimmer natural glow

This is a highlighter duo with a shimmery gold shade on the right and a taupe shade on the left. The gold is definitely shimmery but the taupe shade isn’t.

love cosmetics face shimmer highlighter

The taupe shade appears almost matte in comparison too but the gold highlighter is nice. I like it because it’s pigmented enough but it’s not over the top when it’s on my skin. I don’t tend to put too much highlight as I only wear more natural makeup anyway but as you can see from the swatch above, the gold shimmery shade still packs a punch.

love cosmetics clear brow gel

The next thing I bought was this clear brow gel. I’m always on the hunt for a clear brow gel and this is probably the cheapest one I’ve found so far. I really like this and it does the job of keeping my brow hairs in place. The brush isn’t too big either and it works. I have nothing bad to say about this one because it’s inexpensive and effective.

love cosmetics brow pencil

Another one for the brows is this brow pencil. I got the darker shade which was a good match for me. I honestly didn’t expect a lot from this but I was surprised by how much I liked it. It’s good value because you get the spooly brush at the end and the pencil is actually decent.

For some reason, I expected the pencil to be really hard but it wasn’t. The pencil is creamy and easy to use. This exceeded my expectations and I like it more than the Rimmel Brow Pencil I’ve talked about in this Battle of the Brows post.

love cosmetics eyeliner brow pencil

Here’s a swatch of the brow pencil on the left and the liquid liner is on the right.

love cosmetics felt tip eyeliner

I don’t need an eyeliner but I still picked this Felt Tip Eyeliner in black. I’m loyal to my Za liquid eyeliner and nothing I’ve tried is better than that so I wasn’t impressed by this. It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t the best either. The felt tip is not flexible so I found it a lot harder to work with. However, it lasted a while on my eyelids and it didn’t smudge/smear throughout the day.

love cosmetics volumising mascara

Next up is this Volumising Mascara. Like the brow pencil, I didn’t have high expectations on this one. I’m still in love with my Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara that I felt like everything else would be crap. However, this mascara proved me wrong! I ended up really liking it which was a surprise because it’s only $4!

The brush is standard but the formula of this mascara is quite wet and sticky. I have to brush a bit off before application but it’s not clumpy at all and it’s good at lengthening. I have dead straight and thin lashes so anything that lengthens, volumises and keeps a curl is great for me.

love cosmetics mascara brow pencil

I apologise for the crappy iPhone photo above but those are the only ones I have with my eyes. I took them at night before taking my makeup off and as you can see, they’re still curly and long. They come off really easily too which is a bonus. For an every day mascara, I would buy this again.

The last two products are for the lips.

love cosmetics lipsticks matte satin lips

I read in a Facebook beauty group that the matte lipsticks are amazing and it was what really prompted me at buying from this brand. I picked up two lipsticks in matte and satin finishes.

love cosmetics matte lips berry

This shade above is the Matte Lips in Berry.

love cosmetics satin lips plum

This one is Satin Lips in Plum. As you can see, it’s very dark and vampy in the tube.

love cosmetics matte satin lipsticks

When swatched on the skin, both shades appear lighter. There’s Berry on top and Plum at the bottom. I found that Berry isn’t too matte either and finishes are pretty similar.

love cosmetics lipsticks swatches

On the lips, these two lipsticks were underwhelming. I guess I expected them to be better because I heard about how good they are from someone else. I think they were talking about a different shade though.

As for these two I got, they’re ok but I wouldn’t hurry back to Kmart to get the other shades. The matte lipstick in berry didn’t stick too well on my lips and you can see it’s patchy in the swatch. I’ve tried to layer it a few times too but it didn’t look good. The satin lips in Plum swatched better and I like it more. They might work better on others but on my lips, they were average.

love cosmetics makeup haul

Overall, I think this brand is pretty good especially for their prices. My top three picks are the mascara, brow gel and brow pencil and they were the ones that I didn’t have high hopes of liking. Some of these products exceeded my expectations so I call this a win.

kmart love cosmetics

The brand has foundation, pressed powder, makeup setting spray, lip liners, eye shadow pots and eyeshadow duos, coloured mascaras and eye pencils. The matte and satin lipsticks have at least 5 shades too.

With the colourful packaging, they’re hard to miss in Kmart. For the price, I suggest you check it out if you’re after trying new things or want every day makeup that won’t break the bank.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the above or other products from Love cosmetics.

Here’s a bonus photo of me balancing all 7 products on Turbo and succeeding! Haha

love cosmetics cat

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