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Casual Winter Work Outfit

I don’t know about you but I get pretty lazy dressing up during winter. Most of my outfits in the colder months lean toward the casual side. However, I can’t really do it every day due to work so I save the comfier outfits for the end of the week. Today’s post features my usual casual Friday go-to. I’ve worn this Decjuba sweater so much and I’ve made more appropriate for the office.

decjuba sweater

As I mentioned above, this grey sweater is from Decjuba. I got it on sale for a really good price. The fabric of this sweater is so soft and nice that I couldn’t resist picking it up. I also liked the white undershirt attached to the bottom of the sweater.

decjuba sweater outfit

I liked to pair this sweater with my black Topshop Leigh jeans and a white Asos collared shirt that looks like a part of the sweater.

decjuba sweater ootd outfit.jpg

The white double collar peeking out is actually not a part of the Decjuba sweater but it is an old Asos sleeveless shirt that I never wore by itself because it is so see-through. I really liked the collar though so I can only wear it like this. I don’t think you can tell that the collar and the sweater are two separate items though!

decjuba sweater jeans ootd

This style is more preppy but I like it and it’s still great to wear to work. This whole outfit is so comfy too. My Topshop Leigh jeans are one of my comfiest pairs and it goes with everything.

wittner boots

On my feet are my trusty Wittner ankle boots that I got from my Melbourne trip last year. I have worn this pair so much since getting it and it is probably my best shoe purchase ever. It’s still as good as new and they’re the comfiest boots I have. I could also wear this with jeans, tights and basically everything in the colder months.

decjuba casual ootd outfit.jpg

For this outfit, I kept the jewellery minimal with one big statement ring. Remember a few rings ago when the YSL arty ring was all the rage? I got into that too so I got a similar one with a black stone.

decjuba sweater jeans outfit ootd.jpg

I didn’t have a close-up of my face this time but my sunglasses are from Farmers and it has been featured in my outfit posts a lot. My red lipstick is Rimmel Apocalips Across The Universe.

I know today’s post is quite short but I hope you liked this glimpse of my usual casual work outfit. I haven’t been feeling well since last week either so I wanted this to be short and sweet. I hope you have a great week and I can’t believe August is just around the corner too! Where has this year gone?!

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7 thoughts on “Casual Winter Work Outfit

    • astylecollector says:

      Thank you! It is so comfy. I’m glad you love it. I actually wasn’t planning on posting this outfit as I thought it was too plain and casual but I’ve had great response from it so far! 🙂


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