street eats 2016

Street Eats 2016

Last Saturday, my sister and I braved the cold winter chill and headed to Shed 10 in the city for this year’s Street Eats. This yearly event has been a part of Restaurant Month and it’s a great way to try different food from different Auckland’s food places.

Street Eats is a foodie paradise and I was in my element. To see all the food we tried, click down below.

I’ve never been to Street Eats but this year, I was kindly invited by AirAsia to experience the Hawkers Market. This part of Street Eats had a variety of Asian food places and we started off with some dumplings.

akemi's gyoza miso & shiitake.jpg

The first time I tired Akemi’s Gyoza was at the Food Show. The one above are their miso & shiitake dumplings. They were such a busy stall because the dumplings are really good. The wrapper is nice and soft and it’s cooked well. The miso is infused with the wrapper too and it’s a lovely combination overall.

street eats thai food.jpg

The next dishes we were introduced to were both Thai. Satay chicken is a no-fail option and on the right as huge Money Bags. My sister and I are both money bag lovers and we order it every time we go to a Thai restaurant. These money bags were pretty good and such a decent size. The sauce it came in complimented it well too.

street eats thai malaysian food

For a proper meal, we had the Nasi Lemak Curry Chicken. This was on the spicy side for me but it was still a nice dish.

papparich deep fried chicken skin.jpg

The last item during our Hawkers Market experience is the infamous Deep Fried Chicken Skin from Papparich. If you haven’t tried this and love crispy food, you’re missing out. I’ve been to Papparich a few times and this is a must for me. It’s so crispy and amazing. Yes, it’s not a healthy option but this is worth it. I have declared my love to this multiple times and this is seriously addictive. If you’re familiar with the Filipino treat Chicharon (fried pork belly), this is on another level.

After all that food, we were so full so we roamed around to check what else is on offer.

street eats 2016 food.jpg

Street Eats were in two levels and both were packed. We were there at lunch time so it was crazy busy and it was hard to take photos! Thankfully I managed to get a few snaps.

On the ground level, the stalls that were pretty popular were Orleans, Mexico and The Food Truck.

street eats 2016 auckland

The CUT on Federal and White + Wongs that had Pecking Duck (bottom right) had decent queues as well.

street eats food wine auckland

The upper level had more room but it was so smoky! There were live performances too and the view was much nicer.

Since we had all savoury food from the Hawkers Market experience, we searched for drinks and dessert.

JOIY Sparkling wine.jpg

We opted for JOIY sparkling wine which had such a pretty bottle.

lalele organic.jpg

For dessert, we headed Lalele Organic.

lalele organic gelato.jpg

I couldn’t pass up their gelato and I opted for the espresso & chocolate flavour.

l'assiette macarons.jpg

After our gelato, I was certain that I didn’t need anything else. However, I saw the L’assiette stall which had J’aime les macarons. I couldn’t resist so I picked up a box.

l'assiette french macarons.jpg

They had 6 macaron flavours on offer: bitter choco, apple & walnut, plum & blackberry, vanilla, pistachio and salted caramel. I had one of each and I took it home.

l'assiette j'aime les macarons.jpg

These macarons are bigger than the macarons I’ve tried from both Milse and Miann. The flavours are also great and instantly recognisable after a bite. They’re one of the best macarons I’ve ever had and I’m tempted to make an online order now for the next special occasion. I highly recommend these!

street eats airasia hawkers market.jpg

This concludes my first experience at Street Eats and it was a good one! I didn’t know what to expect and I had a great time eating all the food. I wish I tried more but my stomach wouldn’t allow it! There’s always next year and I’m looking forward to it already.

airasia street eats

I was lucky to be invited by AirAsia so thanks to them. I was also given the goodies from AirAsia above which had some good travel items. I thought the mini stuffed airplane was just a keychain but it actually had a reusable bag inside which is so handy for shopping. You can see what it looks like here. If you want to know more about AirAsia and take advantage of their good deals this month, check out their website. If only I could book a holiday right now!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I apologise if I made you hungry! I know I’ve had a few food and lifestyle posts the past week but I promise I have more beauty and fashion posts coming up too.

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