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The winter cape

This winter, I became obsessed with capes. Sweater capes in particular because they’re warm, can hide multiple layers underneath and is super comfortable. The sweater cape I’m featuring today is my favourite and it was an unexpected find from Kmart!

kmart cape ootd.jpg

I absolutely love this outfit and I’ve worn this cape so much this season. It’s great for casual days and if paired with the right accessories, it can be dressed up too.

kmart cape ootd outfit.jpg

As I mentioned above, this sweater cape is from Kmart. Not from the women’s section but from the kid’s section.

cape red boots outfit.jpg

I always browse the kids clothing section in Kmart because they have some gems there. This was a surprise find and I grabbed it straight away and tried it on.

kmart cape and bag ootd.jpg

The knit is thick but still soft and it has a high split on the sides. This sweater cape was $22 which I don’t usually spend on clothing especially at Kmart but I loved it so much. I have no regrets!

kmart cape ootd lovisa rings.jpg

It is also a turtle neck which makes it even warmer. I fold it twice though because I liked a thinner fold which I think is more flattering. The sweater cape is a cable knit and it’s pretty intact too as you can’t see through it.

kmart cape chaos & harmony boots.jpg

I paired the sweater cape with my Dannii Minogue for Target Boyfriend Jeans and some burgundy accessories.

chaos & harmony red boots.jpg

My boots are my Chaos & Harmony boots that I love.

kmart cape bag ootd outfit.jpg

My bag matches my boots well too and it’s also from Kmart. I got it on sale for $9. My rings are from Lovisa.

If this sweater cape came in other colours, I probably would’ve considered getting them as well. This has become one of my most worn pieces this winter and I don’t see myself parting with it. I’m all for comfort this year but this makes me feel good and stylish too.

If you’ve found sweater capes similar to this, let me know where you got them! This is the only cable knit sweater cape I have and I want more!

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