Food at The Culpeper

Last month we checked out The Culpeper in the city for lunch. We were kindly given a voucher from The Nourish Group from my partner’s dad and it was about to expire. We couldn’t waste an opportunity to try a new food place so off we went.

the culpeper restaurant auckland viaduct.jpg

From the outside, The Culpeper looks pretty cool and spacious. We went midday on Sunday so the place wasn’t too busy.

the culpeper auckland viaductthe culpeper aucklandthe culpeper interior

The interior of The Culpeper is also nice. It’s simple yet relaxing and it feels like you’re transported somewhere in America There are plants that add greenery and old photographs on the wall.

Moving on to the most important thing, the food…

the culpeper menu.jpg

The menu is designed to be shared and has an American-vibe with the corn dogs, cornbread, jerk chicken and the classic mac and cheese.

the culpeper food.jpg

We were feeling hungry so we got 5 things from the menu. We had 2 large plates and 3 sides.

the culpeper jerk chicken.jpg

The first thing that came was the Auntie’s Jerk Chicken which was my choice. It came with dirty rice and topped with ranch. The chicken was really nice but I found the rice too spicy. I have a low tolerance to spicy food which sucks but overall, I still enjoyed this dish.

the culpeper hawke's bay lamb ribs

My partner ordered the Hawke’s Bay Lamb Ribs. This is from their ‘smokehouse’ and we could really taste the smokiness. I think this dish by itself was too flavourful for me but paired with the sides, it’s a lot bearable.

the culpeper curly friesthe culpeper mac n cheese

For sides, we got the curly fries and mac ‘n’ cheese. You can’t go wrong with the curly fries and they were so good I couldn’t stop eating them.

the culpeper potato bread.jpg

We also got a potato bread each.

Overall, we had a great meal at The Culpeper and the service was amazing. I wish we weren’t so full because I wanted to try their desserts too. Booking online was also quick and easy and I got a response straight away.

auckland city.jpg

If you’re in town and after a place to eat, check out The Culpeper for a hearty meal. I’ve already decided the dishes I’ll be ordering next time.

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