Current Beauty Favourites

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my favourite beauty products so I thought I’d give you an update.  I’ve tried a bunch of new products the past few months and these were the ones that I’ve loved and still using.

Most of the products are makeup so I’ll start off with skincare and fragrance.

oasis beauty rhino repair zara perfume.jpg

I’ve really been loving the Oasis Beauty Rhino Repair. I featured this in this random skincare haul and mentioned I got this to see if it would help with my follicle irritation on my neck area. This product certainly helps and it reduces the itchiness. It’s really moisturising too.

The fragrance I’ve been spritzing on lately is this Zara Black Amber perfume I got in my Melbourne Haul. I’ve also featured this in my Perfume Collection post where I said this is a darker fragrance. It’s really nice and I’ve been after a less floral scent so this has been my go-to.

favourite mascaras

I have three mascaras to feature in my favourites because I’ve tried all three and loved them. I went to an Eye of Horus event earlier this year and I was given their Goddess Mascara in the goodie box. This has been my favourite mascara and it is amazing. I swear by this mascara as it truly lengthens my lashes and holds the curl pretty well.

The second mascara I didn’t expect to like is the LOVE Volumising mascara from Kmart. This was $4 and it is pretty good. It’s volumising and is decent at holding a curl too which is one of the main things I look for in a good mascara. I even got my sister hooked on this. For the price, this is a great every day mascara.

Lastly, I have the Moisture Mist Impressive Lash. I’ve recentlly opened this and so far, I’m really liking it. The brush is skinnier than the other two so I find it more precise especially for my lower lashes. I got this in the Beauty Review March Beauty Box and I kept it unopened since then. It hasn’t dried though and still works well.

maybelline better skin foundation essence make me brow

 My go-to foundation has been the Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin foundation which I got from the Beauty Vault. This has really good coverage without feeling too heavy on the skin and it lasts pretty well too.

For brows, I love the Essence Make Me Brow gel mascara. The brush is small so it’s great for brows and it keeps my brows in place throughout the day.

essence cosmetics blush eyeshadow

I didn’t want this to be mainly focused on one brand but I can’t help it. I’ve really been loving these two Essence products. The silky touch blush in Indian Summer has been my every day blush to work because it’s more natural but it can also be built up. The I ❤ nude eyeshadow in creme brûlée is what I use to highlight and it’s nice and subtle.

kiehl's lip balm

I cannot have a favourites post without mentioning my best lip balm discovery. The Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 has been my winter saviour. This winter, my lips suffered from being so dry and sensitive. I bought other lip balms but they didn’t work. I asked for recommendations online and this was mentioned by a few people.

I decided to try it out and I fell in love. I got the original one first and I got the mango one as a backup. This is the only lip balm I’ve tried that has healed my lips. I’d recommend the mango one because it smells and tastes a lot better. The original has this unusual scent but it works so well that I don’t mind it. The lip balm is $18 but it’s worth it for me.

design house creme brulee candle

Last but not the least is a candle. I love burning candles and if you follow me on social media, you may have seen my candle stash. My sister and I discovered this Design House creme brûlée candle from The Warehouse and we fell in love. I bought two backups and I’m on my second one already. It smells so nice and it fills the room without being overwhelming. It has three wicks too so it burns quite evenly.

If you’ve tried any of the products above, let me know if you liked them too and if you have any more product recommendations.

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