makeup sale haul

Makeup Sale Haul

Last weekend I went to the usual Fragrance and Makeup Sale that happens every few months in Auckland. I didn’t go too crazy but I still wanted to show you what I got.

The sale was at ASB Showgrounds which was at the same time as this Noel Leeming technology sale which I also went to in search for a camera but I only ended up buying a powerbank. Anyway, if you want to see my haul in detail and how much each product was, click below.

The first thing that I always see in the fragrance & makeup sale is table full of W7 products. This sale is where I get W7 products such as this mascara dupe for Benefit’s They’re Real.

w7 puff perfection powder.jpg

This time around, I only got this W7 Puff Pefection Powder. I got it in translucent thinking it would be white as other translucent powders I’ve had before but I opened it and it has a bit of colour. I don’t mind though because it’s not far off from my shade and I’d only use this to set my foundation. This was $6.

maybelline baby skin instant fatigue blur.jpg

The next makeup item I picked up is the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur primer. I don’t think I’ve seen or read about this primer before but I wanted to give it a go. I definitely need something that would blue my tiredness away. This was $10.

maybelline set.jpg

Another Maybelline purchase is this Life Is Your Runway set. I picked this up because I have travel plans in December and this would really come in handy.

maybelline makeup set.jpg

This Maybelline set has four products: the Collosal Volum’ Express Mascara which is full size then sample sizes of the Eye Make-up Remover, Dr Rescue nail polish remover and the Dream Fresh Beauty Balm. This set was only $12 too so it’s already worth it from the mascara alone. I haven’t tried the mascara before either so I hope it’s good.

Now onto the less exciting but essential stuff for me:

tea tree facial wipes.jpg

I use facial wipes to remove my makeup on most days. I don’t wear too much makeup for work so I find face wipes are good enough. This tea tree facial wipes  were $5 for a twin pack which was a good deal. Tea tree is good for breakouts too so I’m hoping this would be good on my skin.


This Palmer’s Foot Magic is not for me but for my partner. He has really dry cracked feet so I always encourage him to use a foot cream. This was $5.


The last two are repurchases. I loved both the Palmer’s Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion and the Batiste Dry Shampoo in dark & deep brown. I didn’t think I’d be into spray lotions but I found it so easy to use and perfect for someone like me that can’t be bothered waiting for lotion to dry.

As usual, I always pick up Batiste during the sale because I always need a backup bottle. The spray lotion was $6 and the dry shampoo is $9.

That’s all I got from the sale. I used to go crazy at the sale but over the years, I’ve really cut back and I found that their selection isn’t as good as it used be anyway. I still find decent deals though but not as much as before.

If you’ve tried any of the products above, let me know what you think about them. I’m looking forward to trying the Maybelline primer and the mascara and if they’re good, they’ll show up in a favourites post.

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