september highlights

September Highlights

Last month’s recap is going is much shorter than August but it was still a pretty good month despite me falling sick for a couple of days. September is usually another busy month with our anniversary celebration as the main highlight.

To know more of what I did, ate and bought last month, click below.

Father’s Day is in September here in NZ so as usual, my family and I went out for lunch.


We went and tried Artwok for the first time. I have a separate blog post about my experience but if you can tell from the photos above, the food was pretty good.

As I mentioned above, the highlight of last month is our anniversary. This year, we went to The Sugar Club up in Auckland’s Skytower.

 the sugar club.jpg

The view, decor, service and food were amazing. The menus are so pretty too.


The octopus on the upper left side was actually not included in our order. It was placed on our table and when we asked, they said we should try it anyway as they weren’t going to give it to the actual table that ordered it. We did taste but octopus is not really our thing. I don’t like tentacles but this wasn’t included in our bill and it was good to know the other things in their menu.

Our actual order included: seared venison, braised lamb shoulder and pork rendang for mains. I had the pork rendang and it was delicious. My partner’s braised lamb shoulder was superb and he said it’s the best lamb dish he’s ever tasted so far. For dessert, I chose the Original Beans Cru Virunga 70% chocolate. It had tamarillo which I’ve never had before so I was surprised at how tarty it was but the whole dessert was great. Overall, we had an amazing time.

Moving on so I don’t make this post too sappy, here are the other things that happened last month:

september highlights.jpg

  • I had pretty good work site visits. The one on the upper left was by Herne Bay on a beautiful day. After that, I walked back to the car and I saw a cat in the street. Double win.
  • My sister brought me treats. She got us desserts from House of Chocolate in Takapuna and they’re quite good!
  • I received a double pass to Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I didn’t even expect it so it was such a nice surprise. I haven’t watched a movie in the cinemas for a long time too.
  • I finally wore the RUBY sweater I won from Instagram. I wore the outfit on the lower right to last month’s Brunchclub.

the garden shed food.jpg

Brunchclub was at The Garden Shed in Mt Eden. I’ve been there before with a friend so it was good to come back. I ordered their massive burger which was delicious but there was so much food.

After the food, we were surprised by the lovely team at the Garden Shed by giving us a taste of their craft beers selection. It was a lot of beer and unfortunately, I’m not a beer drinker so it was a bit of a waste. I did taste them all but there was no way I could’ve drank all 5 glasses.

It was another great brunchclub event with bloggers though. The Garden Shed doesn’t disappoint!

Work is hectic and it has been for a few months now but we had a good social event which got everyone involved.


We had team bake-off and my team got the theme: jungle. The theme was up to our interpretation and I did we did pretty well. The onion bhajis in my team won a prize too!

september haul.jpg

You may have noticed a lack of blog posts in the past two months but I’m trying to get my mojo back. I could’ve made this into a haul but I didn’t have the time.

  • My partner’s parents went to Australia and she brought me back a Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion set. I actually have the fragrance mist already so I know I like this scent. The set is a good size for travelling so they’ll come in handy.
  •  The rest of the stuff in the photos above were all from Kmart. I got 3 bags! The black and red have been my work bag ever since I bought it. I couldn’t resist the chain bag because of the cute cat ears and the canvas cat-print bag was too cute and only $2.
  • On the upper right, I got the comfiest pair of pants EVER. They’re seriously the best and still acceptable to wear outside if paired with the right accessories. I love it and I’m going to wear those pants to death.
  • I also got a pair of all white sneakers because I’ve always wanted one. That was from the kids section. Thankfully I have small feet.

Last but not the least, this wouldn’t be a highlights post without photos of my cat Turbo.

turbothetuxedo cat.jpg

He actually went to the vet last month because we noticed he started shivering at random times and he had a bit of dandruff. Good news is that he’s perfectly fine BUT he is chubby. We knew he is a bit fat because my partner won’t stop feeding him but from his vet visit, we’ve been strict with his food intake and he hates us for it (his face on the lower right photo is his mood when it comes to food).

I think that’s all I can think of from September. I did get sick and was hit with the worst migraines I’ve ever experienced in my life but thankfully they’re gone now.

I’m not going to promise that I’ll be back on my regular blog schedule of twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) but I’ll try!

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