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RUBY Sweater

I know we’re heading into summer here in New Zealand. However, we still get some chilly days so before I feature more dresses and shorts here on the blog, I wanted to share this awesome RUBY sweater I won from MissFQ during NZ Fashion Week. I’ve been wearing it on the weekends since receiving it and this is how I’ve been styling it.

This sweater is the RUBY Daily Splice Sweatshirt.

ruby jumper sweater.jpg

I don’t have too many white tops and I was a bit scared to wear it because it’s just a matter of time until I put on a stain on it but a sweater like this is meant to be worn.

ruby sweater outfit.jpg

The print on a sweater is a face of a woman with some flowers and a butterfly. The print is in collaboration with artist Adam Hale.

mirrou girlfriend jeans.jpg

I’m all about casual weekend outfits so I’ve paired the sweater with my favourite Mirrou girlfriend jeans.  This has been my go-to pair because it’s super comfortable to wear. I love it.

ruby sweater zip.jpg

The sweater itself looks simple but a nice design detail is the gold exposed zips on the sides. I like it zipped up for a more relaxed, loose fit.

ruby sweater ootd.jpg

I chose a size 8 which is perfect size. I could’ve done a size 6 but I like the fit of the 8 as it’s super comfortable. The fabric of the sweater is nice and soft. It’s also thick and the inside is fleecy so it’s quite warm.

white sneakers girlfriend jeans.jpg

For footwear, I have this pair of white Kmart sneakers. I’ve been loving this pair of shoes because they go with everything and they’re super comfy. I got them from the kids section at Kmart. They had a pink tag by the tongue but I took it off quite easily so it’s just plain white. This was so cheap and if I get it dirty, I won’t be too annoyed.

ootd ruby sweater.jpg

For accessories, lately I haven’t really been wearing a lot. For this outfit, I just have a simple pair of stud earrings, my Tiffany necklace and a few silver rings. I don’t mind mixing silver jewellery with the gold zips on the sweater because the gold detail isn’t too obvious.

I was so lucky when I won this sweater and I’ll definitely wear it a lot.

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