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My Beauty Empties

Last week I shared the makeup products I’ve used up. Today, I have the second half of my empties post which is mainly skincare, haircare and body care products. There are a lot of products so I will get straight to it.

Starting off with skincare:

first aid beauty skincare.jpg

I’ve finished these two First Aid Beauty skincare products. I liked the Facial Radiance Pads because it’s great for lazy days. The pad is already soaked with product so it’s easy to tone the face. I found that the whole pad is too big though so I ended up cutting it in half. As for the Face Cleanser, it was okay. I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it either. It did the job but I didn’t feel like my face is super clean after especially if I forgot to take my makeup off beforehand.

clinique skincare.jpg

I also have a lot of Clinique products. The anti-blemish solutions all over clearing treatment and clarifying lotion are not empty but I’ve had them for a long time that they need to be thrown away. I bought the set ages ago when I had a bad bout of breakouts but they didn’t really help. I think it was too strong for me.

The Clinique dramatically different moisturising gel has been a favourite moisturiser of mine.  It’s light and it sinks into the skin so well. This didn’t make me break out either. I want to repurchase this but I have so many other moisturisers and this isn’t really that cheap either.

On the right is the even better dark spot correcting hand cream. This was a good hand cream to put in my bag. I got it from a set when they were doing their yearly Clinique Bonus.


Above are even more skincare and mostly sample sizes. The Moreish Exfoliator is full-size and I got it from Beauty Vault. I liked it and it was a good facial scrub as it wasn’t too harsh.

The Antipodes Divine Facial Oil and Vanilla Pod were prizes from a Sophie’s blog giveaway. I finished them both and I liked them too. The vanilla pod day cream felt nice on the skin.

The Manuka Doctor Skin Treatment Serum was one of the products I bought from the brand. The serum was smaller than I expected and I didn’t like the formula as much because it felt sticky.

As for the By Nature night creme, I got it from a goodie bag and I wasn’t a big fan. It was greasy on my skin and it didn’t really work with my oily skin.


This OPI Avojuice skin quencher in apple pie spice was one from a set and I really like it. I’ve used it as hand cream and it absorbs so quickly onto the skin and it smells amazing.

The Laroche-posay eye cream was a purchase from my Melbourne trip last year. I loved it and I wish the brand is easier to get here in NZ.

Moving on to body care, I have these two:

bodycare empties.jpg

The Eco Sonya Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub was also from the Beauty Vault. This would’ve been in my last empties post but I forgot as it was in the bathroom. I liked this product but I hated the packaging. As time went on, the product built up at the bottom and hardened so it was difficult to squeeze any out.

The Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush body lotion on the right isn’t empty but I’ve had it for years so it also had to go. This was nice but it wasn’t as moisturising as I’d liked it to be.


For haircare, these HASK shampoo and conditioner are the best ones I’ve tried. I really love them and I would repurchase these because they really helped my hair to be softer and feel healthier. I’ve used different shampoos and conditioners after and they don’t compare. I’ll definitely go back to these sometime soon.


Every empties post I have at least one Batiste Dry Shampoo bottle. I can’t live without them and they’re my all time favourite dry shampoo products.

The Toni & Guy sea salt spray was from last year’s NZ Fashion Week goodie bags. This is such a good sea salt spray and I’m itching to buy a full size bottle for this summer.


Last but not the least are these Daiso puff and sponge cleansers. They’re always in my empties post too because I go through them so quickly. I love these for washing my makeup brushes and sponges. It’s amazing at cleaning them and I haven’t found another product that works better.


That’s all for my beauty empties post for today. Next time I’ll try not to leave it for too long so I won’t have a ton of products to feature.

If you’ve used any of the products above, let me know if you liked them or not.

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