collective kmart haul

Collective Kmart Haul

I think it’s been a while since I posted a Kmart haul. I’ve been on and off shopping at Kmart and have bought random things so today I’ll be sharing my latest purchases with you. There’s a mix of fashion, homewares and beauty stuff in this haul.

I’ll start off with homewares.

kmart marble candle set.jpg

This is the marble candle set. It has 4 small candles and it comes in a nice box. There was a plastic lid but I threw it away because I couldn’t take proper photos with it on.

kmart marble candle set

The scent are on the candles in gold lettering which is a nice touch but if you want it plain then you can just turn it around. The set was $12 which is a great deal and it would be perfect as a gift.


If you’re wondering about the test tube flower vase next to it, that was also from Kmart which I DIY-ed and painted black. Here’s the post about it.

 Also in marble…

kmart mini marble effect pots.jpg

I couldn’t resist picking up this mini marble effect pot set. I saw it on Instagram and immediately thought they would be great as a makeup brush holder.


However, my desk is already white so it didn’t look as nice compared to my copper cups that I currently use as a brush holder (see my desk/makeup space post) so I opted to put other makeup products in it.

kmart home decor lipsticks.jpg

I have lip liners in one pot, lip crayons in another and a few skincare bits like hand cream, sunblock and spot cream on the other. It works and I love my dresser like this at the moment. The single test tube flower vase was also from Kmart a while bag. It was featured in this haul post.

The marble pot set was $10.

Since Christmas is fast approaching, Kmart has great gift sets especially in their stationery section

kmart stationery gift set.jpg

This is the notebook gift set which has 6 items: notebook, pencil, pen, small notepad and 2 page markers.

stationery set.jpg

There were 2 sets but I liked this black notebook a lot more. It was $8 so it’s another good gift idea.

Moving on to fashion…

kmart cat bag.jpg

I found the cutest cat bag in Kmart. I love how subtle it is. The handle is mostly chain with a bit of the leathery strap where it would sit on the shoulder. I’ve had this bag for a while but I think it was $17.

kmart shorts.jpg

Summer is coming and since my closet clear-out, I need new shorts. I found this awesome pair at Kmart for $20. They’re a good length as it’s not too short and it has pockets.

I’ve bought a few more things and have shared them on Instagram:

The black and red bag is my every day work bag and it’s great size for it.

This pair of white sneakers has been my favourite fashion purchase from Kmart. I’ve been wearing a lot especially on weekends. I actually found it in the kids section. There was a pink tag which I unpicked so it’s all white. It’s super comfy and it was only around $20 too.

On the left is a pair of dark grey pants and it is my favourite pair of pants right now. I was hesitant buying it because it was $25 and for Kmart, I don’t spend that much on one item of clothing. However, I tried it on and it’s the comfiest thing ever. I’ve basically been living in this pants in the weekends. It’s soft, comfy and has pockets.

There’s also the conditioning spray in the middle which was a random purchase because it was only $4. It smells nice but I haven’t seen much difference to my hair.

For beauty, I have two things I got recently:


I got a hand cream and scrub set from Kmart a few months ago. I gave the hand cream to my boyfriend and he loved it so he asked me to buy it again. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the set any more but I found this and hopefully it would be similar. This one has the hand cream and a nail file which I’ll use.

Kmart has e.l.f. products and I got excited when I saw they had the blush palette. It was $15 and I couldn’t resist because it’s pretty. I’ll be doing a separate blog post about this palette soon.

Lastly, I thought I’d add the pet stuff I got because Kmart has everything. My cat Turbo has so many things from Kmart because I spoil him. He has a cat tower, cave, toys and scratch posts all from Kmart.

kmart pets.jpg

My latest cat purchases from there is this elevated dinner bowl.It was $17 so it wasn’t that cheap but it looks chic in our kitchen. I also found this Christmas cat toy stocking which I’ll be saving for later.

This is the end of this random collective haul. I felt like Kmart sort of mellowed a bit in terms of new product releases but with Christmas is coming up, they’ve brought out a bunch of cute things. I will surely be visiting the store a lot more of gift ideas too. I’ve already bought gift wrappers and I opted for silver with glittery dots so it’s versatile too.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you liked any of the items above.

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