skin & tonic body cleansers

Skin & Tonic Body Cleansers

Last month, a new brand launched called Skin & Tonic. It is a NZ brand of body cleansers that look good enough to drink. I was sent the range of cleansers and I’m excited to share them all with you.

There are five ‘flavours’ in the range and I’ll explain each one down below.

skin & tonic body cleanse.jpg

First of all, I love the sleek packaging. They’re pretty and colourful.

skin & tonic nz body cleansers.jpg

These body cleansers would look amazing in your bathroom. They all have coconut water in them. They have no parabens and sulfates too.

I’ll start with the purple colour which is ‘You little Beauties‘.


You little Beauties body cleanser has a blend of acai, goji berries and blueberries. Acai has anti-aging properties and berries are antioxidants so this is meant to leave your skin smooth, supple and renewed.

Next up is ‘Apple of my Eye’. This looks the most different compared to all because it has little bead-looking things so I think this would feel more exfoliating than the others.

skin & tonic apply of my eye.jpg

This has apples, kiwifruit and lime. This is good for skin’s overall health and wellbeing as it has vitamins A, E and C as well as antioxidants.

The prettiest colour is ‘Hear me Raw’.

skin & tonic hear me raw.jpg

This has watermelon, pomegranate and cucumber. It said that watermelon is the most potent healing fruit and along with the other ingredients, this would make stressed skin feel cool, calm and collected. I’m sold on this specific one!

What I’m currently using right now is ‘Salute to the Sun’.

skin & tonic salute to the sun.jpg

This has peach, papaya and tangerine. Apparently peach has secret powers and helps invigorate and firm the skin. This is heaven to use in the shower.

Last but not the least is ‘Loco for Coco’.

skin & tonic loco for coco.jpg

This has the most subtle scent out of all and it is coconut, cacao and manuka honey for nourished and glowing skin.

All the body cleansers smell amazing and my favourites in terms of the scent are Apple of my Eye and Hear me Raw. All of them look and smell good enough to eat and very appropriate for this spring/summer season.

I’ve only used one because there’s no point of my using all five in one go and so far, I’m impressed. Our bathroom smells amazing whenever I use and it lathers well. I’m excited to use the other flavours.

What I love about Skin & Tonic is that the range is made in NZ and are available in supermarkets (New World and Pak n Save). They’re $7.49 each which is pretty reasonable.

Receiving this whole range was so exciting and even my cat benefitted from it because he went crazy for the string included in the packaging.

skin & tonic body cleansers.jpg

This post isn’t sponsored at all but a range like this needs to be shared to everyone because it’s pretty amazing. If you’ve tried any of the flavours, let me know your thoughts or which flavour would you get if you’re planning on buying one.

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