October Highlights

In all honesty, October wasn’t a great month. A few things happened and which made me stressed out and emotionally drained most days. I still wanted to share a recap of last month because it’s good to look at the positives rather than the negatives and writing this post, I realised there were a lot more good than bad.

Before I share the highlights of last month, just to give you an idea of the not-so-great stuff that happened.

  • I had the first stage of my root canal done which I dreaded but I survived. I still have two more stages to go unfortunately and a big dent deducted from my bank account.
  • My bf had two work trips in December to Sydney. He wanted to tag along so I bought the first set of flights and he gifted me the other. Both his work trip got cancelled and I was left with both un-refundable flights. So I’m still going to Sydney just before Christmas but I’ll be all alone on the second trip. There’s a silver lining but there was a lot of stress involved.
  • My sister’s bank account got wiped clean. If you follow me on Twitter or Snapchat, you probably would’ve heard about this. She’s with ANZ and someone through a company called Google Line Corp took about $800 through 380 transactions and the bank didn’t pick it up. After a week and plenty of phone calls to the bank, she finally got her money back but the service was appalling.
  • One of bedroom windows cracked. I think a stone chipped it when our lawn mowers did the front garden. It’s still not fixed but hopefully it will be soon but at the moment, I have cardboard over the window just so our cat doesn’t push it and fully break the glass.

Okay rant over, let’s move on to the positives!

Let’s start with two things I treated myself with.

canon g9x.jpg

I got a new camera which is the Canon G9X. I’ve wanted a more compact camera because lugging my dslr around can be a pain because it’s bulky and heavy. I’ve been looking for second hand cameras on Trademe but they were still a bit expensive. Over the labour day weekend, I bought this brand new camera on sale. I’ll be taking this to Sydney instead.

I’ve been playing with it and so far, I really like it. The photo quality isn’t as great as my slr but it’s still pretty good and I LOVE the wifi feature so I can transfer photos directly to my phone.

mecca cosmetica.jpg

The second major treat last month was an order from Mecca Cosmetica. I got the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit palette. I put up a few photos on my Instagram story and snapchat but expect a blog post soon. This was my first Hourglass makeup purchase and I didn’t want to miss out on this gorgeous palette.

Let’s move on to food which is another thing that makes me happy.


  • My sister bought a bunch of Bondie Cupcakes one day and they were delicious. If you’re ever in Takapuna, check out their pop-up store for some beautiful and yummy cupcakes.
  • Lewis Road Creamery is at it again and they released chocolate butter. I like it. It’s like ganache but not as sweet and it’s so much smoother and easier to spread than Nutella.
  • Had brunch back at Coffee Lab.
  • I tried my first ever My Whippy. My bf and I were walking along the beach and saw the truck.
  • I also tried Petal Cupcakes for the first time. They now have a store in Takapuna so I picked up two cupcakes.

tok tok.jpg

My sister and I used the movie pass for Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children at the start of October and before we watched the movie, we had an early dinner at Tok Tok. I’ve already featured Tok Tok in a blog post so if you’d like to see that, click here.

house of chocolate.jpg

After dinner, we had time to spare so we went to House of Chocolate for dessert. I like this place and it’s good to have a dessert place in the North Shore.

the garden shed.jpg

I met up with a friend from uni at The Garden Shed. This has become our go-to place in Mount Eden and I was there for brunchclub a few weeks before too.


Miann opened their second store at Britomart. After a blogger’s event, my sister and I checked it out.


Lastly on the food front, we ended up at The Page Corner cafe in Kingsland one random Sunday. I already had breakfast so I had a cheesecake while the bf had their massive breakfast. It was huge he struggled to finish it.

Something work related is our community day up in Wenderholm Regional Park. I’ve live in Auckland since moving here to NZ but I’ve never been up there. Wenderholm regional park.jpg

It’s beautiful up there. My team depotted a lot of plants but at least we were indoors because it was raining in the morning. After lunch, we picked up rubbish along the beach. It was a tiring day as we were on our feet all day but it was a good day away from our desks in the office.

sleepyhead sanctuary.jpg

I was also invited to the launch of the new Sleepyhead Sanctuary range. The beds look amazing and it made me want to upgrade our bed. The event was really cool as I didn’t know that Sleepyhead was a NZ brand and the springs of their mattresses are all put in by hand and they use amazing fabrics.

We also got to take home this amazing memory foam pillow. I’ve been using it ever since and the pillow is amazing. I brought my sister to the event and she got one too and we love it.

Despite the lows, there were pretty good highs from October. I just hope November is a lot better though.

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