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My favourite jewellery pieces

Today’s fashion post is not an outfit but something I wanted to share for a while. I have a lot of jewellery and I thought I’d pick my top favourite pieces or ones that have some sentimental value to me.

I picked 5 for this post and for different reasons.

Starting off with the biggest piece of jewellery is a watch.

fossil jacqueline watch.jpg

This is the Fossil Jacqueline watch. I think this is the rose-tone one because it’s not really gold although the photo above looks more gold than it actually is. It is a darker tone in real life.

fossil watch.jpg

This is my second Fossil watch and my favourite because it’s a classic style. I love the details on the watch face too.

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Golden favourites.

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I love how it matched with my makeup pieces too.

My current favourite piece of jewellery is this Country Road necklace I got earlier this year.

country road jewellery hexagon necklace

I’ve been wearing it almost every day for work and I’ve had people complimenting it. It’s simple but it spruces up my work outfits. I have a matching ring too that I featured in this blog post.

The next one is my favourite silver necklace and one I’ve had for a while.


This is the Karen Walker Runaway Girl necklace. This is quite a popular necklace but I really love it. I think I got this on Christmas 3 years ago. I specifically wanted the smaller pendant too even though the lady said the bigger size was only slightly more expensive. I liked the size of the pendant because it’s still dainty.

schwarzkopf lightening spray hair haircare

I’ve worn it so much this necklace has seen better days. I really need to clean it.

Moving on to rings:

silver ring birthday haul

My favourite one is this silver ring with a yellow stone in the middle. This was in my ‘birthday haul‘ post and one I bought for myself. I love the style and design of this ring.

silver stone ring.jpg

It’s hard to take photos of rings but that’s how it looks on. It’s not too big and it’s so pretty!

gold garnet ring.jpg

This one isn’t a ring I’d typically wear but my mother gave it to me when I graduated from Uni. This is the first piece of jewellery she handed down to me.

She got it from Gems Gallery in Thailand which apparently is the biggest jewellery store in the world.

gold ring.jpg

It has a few small stones which are diamonds and rubies in the middle and then a blue sapphire and emerald on the ends.

That’s my top 5 favourite jewellery pieces but before I end this post, an honourable mention goes to my Tiffany necklace because I got it when I went to Melbourne and it’s my first Tiffany jewellery.

tiffany & co necklace jewellery haul

I really need to wear this out more but I keep it in the bag so I forgot that I even have it.

I wear earrings more than any other type of jewellery but I didn’t feature any in this post because I tend to change my earrings a lot and I mostly wear cheaper earrings especially for work.

I hope you liked this post which is a different one from my usual makeup/outfit posts. Let me know what your favourite piece of jewellery down below.

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