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Affordable Makeup from Postie+

A few months ago, I received an amazing package from Postie+ with a bunch of bargain beauty products that you can get in store and online. I was given both makeup and skincare products so today’s post is mainly makeup from the super affordable brands.

There are three makeup brands featured in this post: W7, BYS and Ulta3. I love W7 and have tried quite a lot of their products already. I’ve also tried BYS before but I haven’t tried anything from Ulta3 yet.

I’ll start off with a favourite of mine, W7 cosmetics.

w7 Cosmetics Postie+.jpg

W7 is a British brand and I love this brand because everything is so affordable and most products I’ve tried works for me. My current everyday foundation is from W7 and it’s great. The products above were in the package and I’ve only tried one of them before they were sent to me.

w7 colour me buff palette.jpg

This W7 Colour Me Buff eyeshadow palette is the one I’ve already tried. I have the old packaging named In The Buff but the shadows are completely the same. I have a blog post about this and another W7 palette with swatches over here. For people just starting out with makeup and who don’t want to spend a lot of money on eyeshadows, I recommend this. I’m not a big eyeshadow wearer so this palette serves me well.

This is $15 for 12 eyeshadow mainly pinky nudes and shimmery gold shades.

s7 shape your face contour kit.jpg

This one is the W7 Shape Your Face Contour Kit. It comes in a box with a brush. This kit is quite compact so it’s easy to put in your bag and for travelling. I like the darker shade on the right as it works best on my skin tone. However, the middle shade is good for overall bronzing. This is also $15.

w7 brow bar

Brows are important to me and it’s doing my brows is a step I don’t miss in my routine. I’ve tried so many brow products over the years and have gone back forth with pencils, powders and pomades. Currently, I love the W7 Brow Twister in dark brown which I use every single day to work (highly recommend that for an inexpensive brow pencil).

This W7 Brow Bar has 4 shades in powder form. It also comes with stencils and tiny brushes. I have dark hair so the shades in this kit isn’t the best for me as I mix 3 and 4 together to get it right. However, for $12 it’s still not a bad deal if you want to try powder brow kits. I just prefer pencils for every day and pomades if I want my brows to last longer.

w7 cover stick with tea tree oil.jpg

These two above are the W7 Cover Stick with Tea Tree Oil concealers. I got Light/Medium and Medium/Deep. I’ve never tried these before and so far, the Medium/Deep shade is a good match for me to cover blemishes. I’ve had a few breakouts lately so I’ve actually been using this quite often and they’re not bad for $6!

w7 the nudes palette.jpg

The last one from W7 is The Nudes eyeshadow palette. I haven’t tried this one because I’d rathe use the Colour Me Buff palette but the shades in here will create a classic eyeshadow look. This one has 4 shades and is $8.

BYS cosmetics

Next up is BYS. I’ve had a blush palette from BYS a couple of years ago when I first started getting into makeup. It’s another good brand to try if you’re starting out and unsure if certain shades or makeup is for you. I was scared of red lipstick at first and didn’t know if it suited me so my first ever red lip was a cheap brand that I ended up loving.

BYS Lipstick.jpg

Speaking of lipsticks, I have two shades: Vamp on the left and Read my Lips on the right. Vamp is a dark purple and as the name suggests, it’s quite vampy. Read my Lips on the other hand is your typical pinky red shade. Vamp is creamier than Read my Lips and applied better.

These lipsticks are $6 each.

BYS Highlighting trio.jpg

This one is the BYS Highlighting Trio and probably my favourite from this whole haul. It has two shimmery shades and one matte on the left. I don’t use the matte shade at all and is more of a powder but the other two are pretty good. The middle one is a shimmery gold shade and the one on the left is more bronze. I like them both and for $10, you can’t really go wrong with this.

Last but not the least, I have two Ulta3 lipsticks.

ulta3 lipstick.jpg

This is in the shade Soft Toffee. This is the lightest lipstick I have in my collection right now and something I wouldn’t usually go for. Thankfully, this is the light nude shade that I can actually get away with wearing without looking like I have concealer lips.

ulta lipstick 1.jpg

This one is Sugar Plum which is like a berry brown shade. Again, this shade is something I don’t have in my collection but I really liked this. I wore this out one Saturday and even my sister commented that it’s really nice.

Both Ulta3 lipsticks are creamy and easy to apply. They’re also $6 each. If I have to choose between Ulta3 and the BYS lipsticks, I’d go for the Ulta3 ones. The packaging is better and looks less cheap compared to BYS and the formula is better in my opinion. The downside is, I think Ulta3 is a lot harder to find in NZ but you can both get them online from Postie+’s website.

This is the end of my makeup haul from Postie+. I’ll be sharing the skincare bits in the next blog post so keep an eye out for that. I wanted to share the makeup first because I’ve tried most of them in comparison to the skincare.

I’m all about affordable makeup because I don’t believe you have to splurge a lot of money on certain beauty products. I think 80% of my makeup is in the affordable end of the scale. You can truly find gems in places such as Postie+ and I’m all about sharing my beauty bargains with all of you.

I hope you liked this post and let me know if you’ve tried any of the above or recommend other products from these brands for me to try.

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