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Dune London

December last year was both good and bad. One of the good times during that month is I won a Dune London voucher from Carmen Huter. It was quite a generous giveaway and I was able to pick a few things to share with my sister. I’ll be sharing our haul from the brand. All up, we got 3 pairs of shoes and 3 bags.

Dune London is in St Lukes Mall and Newmarket in Auckland. We went to both stores and I didn’t use the voucher in one go. We went twice and got stuff from both of the stores. I have to say though, we had great service and when I won the voucher, she even told me they were having a sale so everything was at a reduced price.


This was our first haul. My sister got the bag on the right and shoes. I got the bag on the left. She’s been using that bag every time she goes out. It’s well loved.

I’ll start off with the bag and the first piece from Dune London that I ever got.

Dune London bag

I wish I can remember the style of this bag but unfortunately I’ve lost the info but it’s a navy blue leather bag with detachable straps. I chose this because out of all the bags there, it was the one I would wear the most. It’s simple and practical. It can also be dressed up and down so it’s versatile in my opinion.

Dune London day bag.jpg

I mainly wear bags with long straps nowadays because I like to have both my hands free. I just sling the strap over my shoulder instead of carrying it by hand or on my arms. I liked this because of the detachable strap from the first photo.

Inside, the bag has three ‘compartments’. The middle has a zipper then the other two sides are just open. There are two flaps though on each side though. I’m not sure what the purpose is as you can’t really close it.

The only thing I would like to change is the Dune tag hanging off the strap as per the bottom photo. It doesn’t serve any purpose except as a label and it’s actually quite heavy. I can’t take it off so if I’m wearing it and the bag sways, there were a few times when that tag hit my legs and it wasn’t nice. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with my choice and this is a bag I’ll have for ages. It came with a dust bag too so it’s protected.

Dune London shoes.jpg

Next up are the shoes. I tried on so many pairs in the store and I ended up with two pairs.

Dune London Jewel Heel Sandal.jpg

This is the Ninah Blush Leather Jewel Heel sandals. I love sparkly things and the heels drew me to this pair. I wanted this other black pair with jewelled heels too but they didn’t it in my size so I opted for the sandals instead. I did get it in summer so it was also weather-appropriate at the time.

Dune London 625 Ninah jewel heel sandal.jpg

The heels are low so they’re comfortable but they’re dressy enough to go out in. This is definitely my fanciest pair of sandals and I love them.

Dune London sandals.jpgI’ve worn them and they were really comfy. The leather is soft and the straps don’t dig into my feet. This pair was a good choice.

I can’t see this exact pair on their website anymore (only in gold) but they have so many other pairs with jewelled heels too. I particularly like Mermaid sandals, Bijoux courts and Orion boots for winter.


This is what the sandals look like on. I wore it during my sister’s birthday when we had high tea at Cornwall Park. My floral Zara dress is opshopped.

Dune London block heel.jpg

The second pair I got is dressier. I did have two weddings towards the start of the year and I thought I would wear this pair but I ended up wearing a different one. I’m still glad I chose this though because it’s still a pair I would wear. I just need the right outfit.

Dune London Jaygo block heels.jpg

Although the height of the heel is super wearable, the colour is a bit harder to match with outfits. I do love the blue though. This is the Jaygo Block Heels. I think this colour was the only one available at the time but on their website, they come in 5 shades.

I know this haul is quite summery with the shoes. If I had the voucher now, I’ll choose from their great selection of boots. These are my top picks:

Dune London boots.jpg


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