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A while back, my sister gave me a Pure Source Rotorua Thermal Mud Face Mask. I really liked it and I posted it on my Instagram story. The lovely people from Pure Source got in contact and they kindly sent me more goodies to try. I’ve had these products for months and I’ve finally tried them all.

It was hard to choose the items but I picked 4 things from their range and I’ll let you know what I feel about them down below.

In case you didn;t know, Pure Source is a NZ brand based in Rotorua. You can probably find their products in gift stores but you can get them online too. The products are made in NZ.

pure source manuka honey lip balm.jpg

My haul included this Manuka Honey lip balm. You can never have too many lip balms, especially during this winter season. I’ve actually suffered from dry lips and before I bought a lip sleeping mask, I was using this lip balm and 2 other natural balms. I do like this but unfortunately my lips needed something stronger. The scent of this lip balm can be too much at times though but maybe it’s because I apply way too much to soothe my dry lips.

pure source mud mask with manuka honey.jpg

The main thing that I wanted to get was another mask. The mud mask my sister gave me was running out so I was in need of another. I decided to try out this Rotorua Thermal Mud with Manuka Honey face mask. I’ve used this a couple of times and I love it. It draws out the oils from my skin yet it leaves it soft and still hydrated afterwards.

pure source moisturiser and hand nail cream.jpg

I couldn’t find an individual photo for each product above but the last two I got were the Rotorua Thermal After Mud Manuka Honey Facial Moisturiser and the Manuka Honey hand & nail cream.

I have been using the facial moisturiser every morning that I’m almost out of it. It’s lovely. I really like how moisturising it is and it actually seeps/blends into the skin easily so I’m not left with a sticky feeling and I also don’t have to wait long til I apply makeup afterwards. For $15, I think this is good value and it hasn’t broken my oily/acne prone skin.

As for the hand & nail cream, I absolutely love this. It’s in my work bag and it is perfect for this winter season. I like keeping my hands moisturised so I tend to apply hand cream a lot. This one dries fast and like the moisturiser, it doesn’t leave my skin sticky. This is worth it and it’s so affordable too.

Pure Source NZ.jpg

Basically, everything I’ve tried from this brand have been great. They all work for me and some have become my every day essentials. If there is one thing to note though is if you’re not into scented skincare, be careful because these products are scented. They’re not overpowering for me so I don’t mind at all.

So if you’re after a NZ skincare brand, check out Pure Source. I’m thankful to be sent the items above and share some of the good products they offer.

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One thought on “Pure Source Skincare

  1. Kendel | Little Misadventures says:

    Uh, YES! I desperately need a hand cream! I have one from The Body Shop (AND I LOVE IT) but it is running out. I need one that is powerful, but has a tub that is small enough to just throw in my baby bag with all my other crap (LOL). So difficult to find one that works but doesn’t have an overpowering smell at the same time!

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