wet n wild midnight mermaid collection

Wet N Wild Midnight Mermaid Collection

The Wet N Wild Midnight Mermaid Collection launched in Farmers last week in NZ and I was sent a bunch of the products to try out. This limited edition collection has liquid lipsticks, liquid eyeshadows, highlighter and eyeliner. I have everything in the collection except for the eyeliners as I don’t know if the liners are also available over here.

I can’t say the shades in this collection are for the every day makeup look but they’re definitely fun! I would recommend them for parties especially halloween. If you want to see the products swatched, continue down below.

wetnwild midnight mermaid collection

Here’s everything I received. I have the highlighting bar, liquid catsuit lipsticks and liquid eyeshadows.

wet n wild midnight mermaid megalast highlighting bar

I’ll start off with the Mermaid Highlighting Bar in Midnight Moon. It is a powder highlight and I love the embossed mermaid tail. It says this highlight is a “silky-smooth pearl formula that blends into the skin for a radiant glow”. I agree. It’s not over the top unless you layer it but it does give a nice glow and I didn’t find the formula chalky or glittery. It’s $14.99 which is a decent price for its size.

wet n wild metallic liquid eyeshadows

These are the Metallic liquid eyeshadows and they come in 4 gorgeous shades (from L-R):
Mysterious Nights, Aquatic Prism, Lara’s Necklace and Moonlight Majesty.

wetnwild midnight mermaid metallic liquid catsuit lipsticks.jpg

My favourite is a toss between Aquatic Prism and Moonlight Majesty as both of them have the most duo-chrome effect. These shadows are packed with glittery shimmery goodness and dries to a metallic matte finish. I forgot to do swatches but they’re not overly pigmented on the first swipe but can be built up if you want that full glittery effect. I can’t really vouch for how blendable they are on the eyelids but they may be better on top of a darker base.

These shadows are $12.99 each.

My favourites from the collection are the Metallic Liquid Catsuit lipsticks. 

wet n wild megalast metallic liquid catsuit

These metallic liquid lipsticks also come in 4 shades (From L-R):
Siren’s Jewel, Harbor A Crush, Sea Seduction and Coral Crown.

wetnwild liquid catsuit

These lipsticks are metallic mattes. The formula is matte but it’s not flat due to the metallic finish so there is some sheen to it.

wet n wild metallic liquid catsuit lipsticks swatch.jpg

Two of these shades I think are definitely wearable such as Coral Crown and Harbor A Crush. I can’t say green and blue lipsticks are something I’d wear on a casual basis but since I don’t own those shades, I like adding them to my collection. They’re great for dress-ups/halloween as I mentioned above.

Now onto some swatches!

wet n wild midnight mermaid liquid catsuit lip swatches.jpg

Here’s all four together and there are more swatches below and a trick I did to create a more fun look.

wet n wild metallic liquid catsuit coral crown

Coral Crown is my most wearable shade out of the four. It’s a metallic burnt orange/sienna colour.

wet n wild metallic liquid catsuit harbor a crush.jpg

Harbor A Crush is a more vampy shade, like a deep burgundy but still pretty wearable. Whilst swatching them, my sister had an idea of layering the liquid eyeshadow on top of the liquid catsuit lipsticks for a more shimmery/glittery/duo-chrome effect.

The top swatch is just the liquid lipstick and the bottom has the Moonlight Majesty liquid eyeshadow layered on top. It adds a bit more shimmer.

wet n wild metallic liquid catsuit siren's jewel.jpg

Now Siren’s Jewel isn’t your usual shade but the green is a really nice colour. By itself, it’s a gorgeous shade of emerald green. It’s giving me Wicked vibes and got me singing “One short day in the emerald city….”. Wicked is my favourite musical so bear with me.

Having the Lara’s Necklace Liquid Eyeshadow layered on top made it even better in my opinion. I added the eyeshadow mostly in the middle and patted it towards the sides. The added shimmer gives it dimension and I love it. Adding the eyeshadow is even more perfect to creating a mermaid look.

I just wish the green lipstick suited me but I looked a bit dead. My sister on the hand tried the lipstick and eyeshadow on top and it looked good on her.

wet n wild metallic liquid catsuit sea seduction

The last shade is Sea Seduction and it’s this blue-purple shade. With the Aquatic Prism liquid eyeshadow on top it’s amazing. Although it doesn’t suit me, this combination is my favourite and it definitely matches the midnight mermaid name.

The Metallic Liquid Catsuit lipsticks are also $12.99.

Overall, the lipsticks weren’t as drying as other liquid matte lipsticks I’ve tried and they’re quite pigmented. You have to be quite careful with application though and get used to the doe foot applicator.

wet n wild midnight mermaid collection swatches.jpg

If you do layer the eyeshadows on top like I’ve done above, you need to be aware that they’ll be even more drying than the lipstick. However, I think for a couple of hours it’s totally wearable. Just get a good lip sleeping mask like this one to help your lips afterwards.

Which one is your favourite shade and would wear?

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