wet n wild proline eye brushes

Wet N Wild Proline Brushes

Last month, I got sent these beautiful new Wet N Wild Proline brushes to try and these are the only brushes I’ve been using on my face every time I do my makeup. These are limited edition so before they run out of stock in Farmers stores and online, here’s my review.

wetnwild proline brushes.jpg

First of all, these are brushes look great. They don’t come in a set so you can buy them individually. I got sent the whole collection that is available here in NZ which are 8 makeup brushes.

All the brushes have a pointed end which means they can’t stand up but even if they’re plastic, they have a bit of a weight to them and I like the indentation for your thumb. It makes application easier in my opinion because it prompts you on how to hold your brushes properly. They’re also super soft so I was quite impressed before I even tested them out because for such an affordable brand, Wet N Wild brushes are actually nice.

I’ll talk about each of the brushes below. I’ve used these brushes as per their description to really test them out but I found that some brushes are better used for other things.

Proline Powder Brush – P60 – $16.99

wet n wild Proline large precision Brush.jpg

I find it weird that this brush is meant to be a powder brush because I prefer it to be used as a blush brush. It’s slightly tapered which I find great at softly application powder blush. I have used it for powder which isn’t too bad but it’s good if you’re just after a light powder application and not really for buffing.

Proline Blush Brush – P70 – $16.99

wet n wild Proline blush Brush.jpg

This I found to be better for powder instead of blush. This is better at buffing powder to set foundation instead of applying blush for me. I find the brush too wide and puts too much product on my cheeks.

Proline Precision Foundation Brush P55 – $16.99

wet n wild Proline Precision Foundation Brush.jpg

I don’t have a brush that is similar to this because this brush is quite different that it’s tapered and slightly indented at the bottom which I found works well for curves on your face. I also never apply foundation with a brush as I love my beauty blender so much but I did give this a go to have a proper review. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t hate the finish and application but I wouldn’t swap my BB for this brush.

Proline Flat Contour Brush – P50 – $16.99

wet n wild Proline flat contour Brush.jpg

I don’t contour on a daily basis so I wouldn’t use this brush every day but it’s nice to have a brush of this shape for that purpose. I find that this is quite a densely packed brush which is good at being precise when you put your contour on. The size is also good and I didn’t find it too big for my face.

Proline Tapered Highlighting Brush – P75 – $13.99

wet n wild Proline Tapered Highlighting Brush.jpg

This is my favourite brush out of all of the Proline brushes because I don’t have a tapered highlighting brush in my collection. I don’t know why it’s taken me this long but I realised how much this is missing from my brushes. It’s a nice brush to put highlighter everywhere: cheekbones, bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow. If you don’t have a brush like this, I recommend getting it. Alternatively, this would also be good to buff out eyeshadow.

I grouped these three together because they’re the brushes I’ve used the least and don’t tend to use a lot because I don’t wear eye makeup to work.

wet n wild proline eye brushes.jpg

From Top to Bottom:

Proline Tapered Blending Brush – P15 – $13.99

This was good to pack on eyeshadow all over the lid and as the name suggests, for blending it out.

Proline Flat Face Brush – P25 – $13.99

The name says it’s meant to be for the face but I haven’t used it to spot conceal and only tried it for eyeshadow. I have similar eyeshadow brushes like this so that’s how I’d mainly use this brush for.

Proline Dome Pencil Eye Brush – P10 – $13.99

Out of all of the 8 brushes, this is probably one that I would not reach for only because I really don’t wear eye makeup unless it’s for special occasions. I also don’t tend to put eyeshadow underneath my eyes but if I was to use this, it would be to put a darker shade on the crease for a smokey look.

wetnwild proline makeup brushes.jpg

Overall, these brushes are not only beautiful but are great value for money. The design is a dupe for the Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes but they’re half the price so if I were you, I’d pick these instead. Wet N Wild brushes are vegan and cruelty-free as well.

As I mentioned at the start, these brushes are limited edition and most are already sold out online but check your Farmers stores as my sister was able to buy 3 of the face brushes in the weekend. I also have the Wet N Wild standard range brushes (the white brushes with pink bristles) and although they’re not as pretty or soft as these ones, they’re not bad for the price either as the face brushes are $6.99.

So far, I’ve just been really impressed with Wet N Wild and I’m so glad we can now get it here. I’m all for affordable makeup and this brand hasn’t disappointed me. I can’t wait what else will be launching here in NZ so I’ll definitely be on the look out.

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