Clearly Eyeglasses

These are fairly new additions in my life but I wanted to share this while Clearly still has their buy one get one free promo. If you wear glasses and wanting cool new spares, check out Clearly and grab yourself a good deal. This post isn’t sponsored and I bought these myself but I wanted to share them as glasses are usually so expensive to buy.

clearly glasses.jpg

There are so many styles on their website but I have a round face so I’m quite picky on the shape and style of glasses as only a few shapes actually suit me. Picking one online without trying them on first definitely feels like a gamble but because they’re really affordable, I went ahead and did it anyway. I just crossed my fingers that the style I chose suits me.

I actually ended up getting two pairs in the same style in different colours.

Main + Central Wednesday M in Blush Tort – $35NZ main + central wednesday blush tort main + central wednesday blush tort eyeglasses

Main + Central Wednesday M in Brown Tort – $35NZ main + central wednesday brown tort main + central wednesday brown tort eyeglasses

Both pairs are made from biodegradable plastic. I can say that for plastic frames, they’re not as light. I don’t know if that’s only because of my prescription lenses but they have some weight to them. They definitely don’t feel like those cheap pairs you can get from dollar stores or pharmacies.

I didn’t even read the description of this style on the website but it says “a pair of oversized frames perfect for round faces, tall foreheads, and soft features. Its keyhole nose bridge is a good match for shorter, wider noses, while flexible spring hinges offer comfortable, durable wear”. As I said above, I have a round face so it was good I picked this style. main + central glasses.jpg

Each pair also came with a hard case, cleaning cloth and a cloth pouch.

Since Clearly is currently doing a Buy One Get One Free promo, I got these two pairs for $35!!!! They also offer free shipping which is amazing. They also do free returns and 1 year warranty. I’m happy with what I got so I won’t be returning them.

I ordered mine on 29 January and they arrived 7 February so they took just over a week but the 6th of Feb was also a public holiday. I’m impressed by the quality, price and service.

I have a more expensive pair of Marc Jacobs silver glasses that I got last year and that will remain as my every day pair because they cost me $200+ but these two that I got from Clearly will be spares/backups. I plan on leaving one at my desk at work and one pair in my car. Also on those days when I just want to change it up.

If you’re wondering what they look like on, I took a few selfies and taking selfies with glasses on isn’t easy because of the glare/reflection from the lenses.

clearly main + central glassesclearly main + central Wednesday M glasses

I have the blush tort on the left and brown tort on the right.

Which one do you like more? I did a poll on Instagram and brown tort was the winner:

clearly glasses poll.jpg

I like them both but I personally like the blush tort more because I love blush tones at the moment.

So here’s my first every purchase from Clearly and I don’t think it will be the last. I’m glad that there are more places to buy affordable glasses nowadays. Gone are the days of spending a ridiculous amount of money on something you need in your day to day life. People like me need prescription glasses to see as I’m short-sighted. I can’t drive, stare at my computer at work or watch TV without glasses or contacts on. I’m happy that sites like Clearly make it easy and accessible for me to have backups.

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