kmart haul

Kmart Haul

If you’ve been a follower of my blog or other social media, you’d know how much I love Kmart. Kmart is one of my favourite places to shop because you can basically get anything there for such an affordable price. It’s been a while since my last Kmart haul so today is a mix of clothing, homewares, beauty and travel pieces. I also got some on sale which is even better.

I’ll start off with homewares.

kmart nz candles.jpg

I’m a sucker for home fragrance and I get a bit panicky when my candle cupboard is running low so when I saw these candles in store, I picked up three. I haven’t seen them before so they must be new. I got Honey Suckle, Fresh Linen and Tropical Sunset candles for $7 each. I also got the Vanilla and Tibetan Sandalwood wax melts for $3. I always like to have a backup wax melt too as I basically use my burner in the lounge every night.

kmart hand masks.jpg

For beauty, I got two of the Botanical Manicure sheet mask + cuticle oil + hand cream for $3 each. I’ve had really dry fingertips because I tried taking off gel nail polish by myself and ended up soaking my nails/fingertips in acetone for way too long. I thought these would help in hydrating my hands again. I haven’t used them though I plan on using one this week.

Now for clothes, I can’t believe I scored two things on sale at Kmart where the clothes are already pretty good value.

kmart floral slip dress.jpg

I got this floral slip dress for $2. YES, IT WAS $2! I can barely find anything for this price at an opshop so I was stoked when this fit me. I think this is probably something to wear to bed but it’s not that see-through so I’d use this as a dress/beach cover up for my upcoming trip.

kmart be yourself jeans.jpg

Next one is a pair of denim jeans for $12. This was also on sale and I love how comfy this is. The length is pretty good that I can wear it as is but I prefer cuffing the bottoms. I quite like the ‘be yourself’ stitching too.

Another thing I recently got from Kmart is this t-shirt:

It was $10 and has ‘yes, girls can’ stitched on the right side. I love stripes too so I really like this one.

Kmart’s activewear section has improved so much the past few months as well. I recently got these and I love that it’s matching.

everlast fitness clothing.jpg

I found both of them in the kids activewear section. Their sizes run big so the ‘kids’ size 14 fits me so it’s similar to a size 8-10. The crop top was $8 and the leggings were $12. I really like Everlast workout clothes because they’re comfy and affordable. I have this Active Tank in black, white and grey.

kmart fitness.jpg

I also got these two on sale: Girl Power tank top and another Everlast tank top. They were $2 each in the sale rack.

I also picked up two different towels. The pink gym towel is $4 and I already have one like it and the grey and green one is a travel towel for $6. I thought I’d get one for my trip just in case. These towels dry quick so they’re perfect for travelling and it doesn’t take a lot of space.

This last part is all travel-related as I’ve mentioned above, I have a trip coming up. I haven’t had a holiday in so long so I’m really excited. I have a long-haul flight so I want to be as prepared as possible.

kmart travel haul.jpg

I got a grey travel neck pillow for $8. The two pink egg-looking things are actually a makeup sponge cases which were 60cents! The long marble case is a toothbrush box for $4.50. The pink makeup case is $6.

kmart beauty travel case.jpg

The black case is a Beauty Organiser with removable brush pouch for $9. I thought this would be great for holding my brushes and making sure they keep their shape/don’t get deformed.

That’s all I have for this haul. I truly love Kmart because I don’t like spending a lot on money on things and I love a good bargain.

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