savemart haul

Savemart Haul

Opshopping or thrifting is my favourite way to shop. Most of my clothes and even bags are from opshops. I love bargains and finding one of a kind pieces that not everyone would have. Savemart is one of the places I go opshopping because there’s one close to where I live and it’s huge that I’m bound to find something I like.

Today’s haul is from my recent Savemart trip. My goal was to find summer clothes for my trip but as you’ll see below, I didn’t really end up getting anything too summery.

pink lace dress.jpg

This pink lace dress is a Korean brand as it said designed and made in Korea. It has long sleeves and the middle part is a leather-like material. I think this would be good for events in the colder months. It was $14.99.

sweater with pearls.jpg

This one is a grey knitted sweater with pearl collar detailing. I found this in the kids section for $6.99! Pearls on clothing are back in fashion at the moment so I’m excited to wear this.

country road pants.jpg

I wasn’t really planning on getting pants but I spotted this Country Road high-waisted pants and it fits me really well and the length is also good on my petite frame. This was $18.99 so on the pricey side but I’ll get a lot of use of this at work.


This one was quite hard to show because it’s a romper with lace trims. This is the bottom half and the upper half is just a spaghetti-strap. This was $9.99. I’ll show the clothes above on me below so you get a better idea of what they look like.

savemart try-on.jpg

The photos above are from my Insta stories. I usually post my hauls there on the same day so follow me on instagram at @astylecollector.

I didn’t show this in my story but I also got this blue one-piece swimsuit. It was brand new and only $6.99 so I bought it for my trip. I have a lot of bikinis and although I have 2 one-piece swimsuits I ordered from Wish, I didn’t really like them as much. This one is good quality and I like the back detailing.

floral bikini.jpg

I also got this floral bikini for $8.99.  I like the print and it’s high-waisted which is different to most of my bikinis. The top is like a bra and it ties on the neck and back. I’ll definitely be bringing this away with me.


The last thing I got from Savemart during this trip was this black cross-body bag. This was brand new and was only $2.99. I’ve been using this ever since so this was definitely my favourite purchase from that day.

So while I was editing the photos above, I saw this photo of another Savemart Haul from over a year ago:

thrift haul.jpg

I never got around to posting it but this old Savemart haul has this Three Floor blue pleated dressKaren Walker skirt, rose gold clutch and a black cross-body bag with gold chain (only showing part of it)

These are the bags:

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My latest opshopped buys. I got both for under $10 👌🏻

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I wore the dress to a friend’s wedding last year:

Three Floor is not a cheap brand (their dresses can be from £200-500) so finding this dress in Savemart for around $30 was such a steal.

Savemart is a great place for finding branded clothing. It is on the pricey side but you have so much options. If you’re wondering where else I opshop, I’ve done an old blog post of all my favourite places to opshop. The post is outdated because one has since closed down and another has moved locations but it’s still a handy guide.

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