hamilton opshop haul

Hamilton Opshop Haul

So I’ve done blog posts about my quick day trip to Hamilton and where we went for brunch. Today I’m sharing the stuff I found at the two opshops in Hamilton.

Opshopping was not part of the plan for me at all. I didn’t even think about shopping there but because we had to wait for the others before we lined up for Duck Island Ice Cream, we had to kill some time. In the main street where Duck Island Ice Cream is located were a bunch of opshops. I only went to two: Red Cross and Recycle Boutique.

Here are the stuff I got from the Red Cross opshop who was doing 50% off clothing and shoes at the time. I mainly got summer clothing for my trip because they were so cheap.

Apologies the clothes were wrinkled but I didn’t have enough time to iron them.

floral top.jpg

This floral top was only $2.  aThis is thin and lightweight which is perfect for hot weather.

printed dress.jpg

This dress is Jay Jays and it was $2.50. It has lace trim at the bottom and it’s quite cute.


This isn’t a dress I’d usually go for but it was only $3 and the material is silky and thin so again, great for hot weather. The prints are quite different but the black trimming on the side makes it flattering.

H&M Dress.jpg

The last dress I got from the Red Cross opshop isn’t summery but it’s H&M and for $3.50. The fabric is quite thin and I liked the frilly skirt/bottom.

I didn’t try on all the clothing above because I didn’t think I had enough time and they were so cheap anyway that even if they didn’t perfectly fit, I wouldn’t have cared too much.

red cross opshop haul.jpg

The photos above are from my Instagram stories that day. I always share my haul and try-on over there so if you’re not following me on IG, please do.

I really got lucky with the Red Cross haul because they all fit. The H&M dress is slightly longer at the back but I think if I have a belt on, it would look nicer.

So the second shop I went to is Recycle Boutique. Auckland has quite a few RB shops but the Hamilton Recycle Boutique is by far the best one I’ve shopped at. The store is big, organised and well laid out. There wasn’t too much stock that it was overwhelming and they had good brands too.

floral shirt.jpg

I’ve never heard of Now & Then but this shirt feels really nice and I liked the print. It was only $9.20 because it was half price so I got it. I’m really loving t-shirts at the moment.

witchery romper.jpg

This one is a Witchery romper/playsuit that I got for $12. This is such a bargain as it was also 50% off. I love the print and this fits really well. It also has pockets so of course I love it.

lonely bra floralLonely bra

The last thing I got from Recycle Boutique was this floral Lonely Lingerie bra. I already have this exact bra in plain black and I love it and wear it all the time. So when I saw the floral one and in my size, I just had to get it.

It wasn’t cheap as it was $45 and it’s the most expensive thing I bought that day but it’s worth it because I know I’ll wear this a lot and it’s still a bargain. Lonely Lingerie bras are from $100+ so this was still pretty good value.

recycle boutique opshop haul.jpg

Again, the photos above were from my IG stories. I did have a sneaky boomerang with the Lonely Bra but I’m not going to post a screenshot of that over here.

I’m pretty stoked with this Hamilton opshop haul considering I didn’t even plan on shopping at all. This was a bonus and I scored some great bargains.

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