Wet N Wild Goth-O-Graphic

Wet N Wild Goth-O-Graphic Collection

Wet N Wild has truly become one of my favourite beauty brands. It’s affordable and you can get them from Farmers. I recently got sent the latest Goth-O-Graphic limited edition collection. This collection is goth meets holographic and is a balance of broody and bright. If you want to see the whole collection, my first impressions and swatches, continue down below.

Goth-O-Graphic beauty boxGoth-O-Graphic collection beauty box

The whole collection comes in this big box and it’s actually the first time in NZ that you can buy this whole set online for $99.99.

Now moving on to the individual products. I’ll start off with the highlighters.

Wet N Wild megaglo highlighting powder.jpg

Megaglo Higlighting Powder – $12.99 each

There are 2 compact highlighting powders in the collection to create a holographic glow. The right powder is the shade Purple Ashes and the shade on the left is White Raven.

Wet N Wild megaglo highlighting powder swatches.jpg

These highlighters are pigmented although I found them slightly chalky if you pile them on. However, I won’t really do that because of the shades. If you have lighter skintones, these two shades would look beautiful.

Wet N Wild megaglo loose highlighting powder moon tears.jpg

Megaglo Loose Highlighting Powder in Moon Tears – $14.99

If there is one thing I recommend getting from this collection, it is this one. This highlighter is no joke and it’s beautiful. It’s a huge pot too so I don’t know if I’ll ever go through this but it’s so pigmented and it gives you such a nice sheen. It says that this would be good both as a face and body highlighter.

Wet N Wild megaglo loose highlighting powder

The swatch above is me putting my finger and swiping it on my hand. It’s crazy pigmented so if you want to put it on your face, you only need a tiny bit. It’s not chalky or too powdery and it blends easily on the skin too. For the price, this is my top pick from this collection.

makeup selfie.jpg

The photo below was my first time using the loose highlighter. You can see the glow it gives and I love it. I really liked my makeup that day.

Wet N Wild metallic liquid catsuit eyeliner.jpgWet N Wild metallic liquid catsuit eyeliner swatches

Megaliner Metallic Liquid Catsuit Eyeliner – $12.99

I don’t really wear coloured liners but these are quite fun colours. I recently saw a makeup demo from Kiekie Stanners, MAC makeup artist and she uses a bright pink lipstick as an eyeliner. When I saw the pink one, it reminded me of it and that it’s trendy.

I don’t know if I’ll ever use these so I’m passing them on to a friend who would rock these better than I ever will.

Wet N Wild megalast catsuit liquid eyeshadow.jpgWet N Wild megalast catsuit liquid eyeshadow swatches

Megalast Catsuit Liquid Eye Shadow – $12.99

It comes in three shades: Pure Intension, Goth Tears and Nyctophilia.

Pure Intension and Goth Tears are beautiful. You don’t have to wear these shadows so intensely too. They blend out pretty easily if you want a more subtle look. Pure Intension is basically glitter while Goth Tears is more holographic.

Wet N Wild megalast liquid catsuit metallic lipstick.jpgWet N Wild megalast liquid catsuit metallic lipstick swatches

Megalast Liquid Catsuit Metallic Lipstick – $12.99

These aren’t colours I’d wear on my lips but because it’s a gothic collection it definitely is within the theme. There’s a lot of light pink and dark shades so there’s a contrast between the two.

Wet N Wild Goth-O-Graphic collection lip swatches.jpg

The swatches on the left are the liquid lipsticks by themselves and the swatches on the right are with the liquid eye shadows on top. I’ve done a swatch like this when I reviewed the Wet N Wild Midnight Mermaid Collection.

The lipsticks as you can see in my swatches aren’t the best in terms of pigmentation and formula. Death To Unicorns did not like my lips at all and I tried so hard but it came out patchy and it was not a good look. Wicked Pink is the best one of out the three in terms of pigmentation but the light pink doesn’t really suit my skin tone. I also struggled with getting an even application for Pastel Grunge.

However, when I added the liquid eyeshadows on top, they looked much better. I have to warn you though that adding the liquid shadows on top would make it even drier but you’ll get a much better pigmentation and it’s more vibrant. Death To Unicorns + Nyctophilia was a great combo as it really popped.

Between the Midnight Mermaid and this Goth-O-Graphic collections, the liquid catsuit lipsticks on the Midnight Mermaid was better as they’re more pigmented and had more colour payoff.

Goth-O-Graphic Wet N Wild.jpg

Overall, this is another fun collection from Wet N Wild. This would be perfect for halloween and dress-up parties. I know Halloween is a wee while away but since this whole collection is limited edition, you better hurry and grab them in Farmers online and in stores.

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