makeup empties

Makeup Empties

It’s been a few months since I last did an empties post so within that time, I’ve accumulated a lot more products that I’ve used up. I’ve also done a clearout of my makeup drawers and found a few things that I needed to chuck out so I’ve included them in here too. If you want to know what products I’ll repurchase again, continue down below.


Maybelline FITme! Matte+Poreless Foundation  – I love this foundation. I have oily skin and this is specifically for normal to oily skin so it worked well on me and I’d gladly repurchase this again. I’ve gone through about 3-4 bottles of the FITme! foundation already so I know this one is good.

Essence Stay All Day foundation – I love Essence and most of the products I’ve tried from the brand, I like but this one didn’t work for me. It said it’s long-lasting but I’ve worn this to work and it didn’t really last and the formula isn’t for me.

L’OREAL True Match – I’ve had this foundation in my drawer in a long time so this is one that I need to bin. It still had a bit left but it’s way too old and that’s why it’s in the small packaging. I’ve already repurchased this foundation because it’s great and I know it works for my skin.

Estèe Lauder Double Wear – This is also a bottle that I’ve had for ages but haven’t thrown out even though it was empty a long time ago. This was my first ‘high end’ foundation and I love this. It really was long-wearing and has medium-high coverage. I currently have a MAC foundation but if I didn’t have that, I would buy this.

Maybelline Super Stay Foundation – I love this foundation. This replaced the Maybelline FITme for me. It had medium coverage and lasted throughout the day too. I’d definitely repurchase this.

primer and setting spray.jpg

Rimmel Fix + Perfect Primer – This primer felt more like a day cream which I liked as it felt moisturising. I like this for every day and I currently have a tinted version of this in my collection.

LOVE Brightening and Glow Primer – This is a primer from the LOVE brand that was available in Kmart. It was fairly cheap so I didn’t expect this to be great but the other LOVE products I’ve tried impressed me. This one, however didn’t. I didn’t get to finish this but it’s old so I need to chuck it out. The formula was greasy and it didn’t help with my makeup on top at all.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray – This is the best makeup setting spray I’ve used and I already have another one of this and will keep repurchasing it.

BB Creams.jpg

L.A. Girl Pro BB Cream – This didn’t work for my oily skin as it moved around my face before midday and I didn’t like it.

Rimmel BB Cream Matte – I used to love this BB cream as an every day base. This was probably my second tube of this but I won’t repurchase this again because I don’t tend to reach for BB creams anymore.

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream – This is also a product I used to love but don’t tend to reach for anymore. This was meant to be good for acne-prone skin because of the salicylic acid but I didn’t think it did anything for me. The shade I got was also too light so I used to mix this with other bb creams/foundation.


Maybelline Anti-Age Eraser – This is my all time favourite concealer. It’s so good and will keep repurchasing this until I find a better one.

W7 Catwalk Concealer – This was okay, it wasn’t extraordinary but it was cheap as most W7 products are.

Maybelline Lumi concealer and Collection Illuminating Touch concealer – I don’t like pen concealers like this at all. They don’t work on me and they both also sunk into my ender eye lines so I will not repurchase these.

Thin Lizzy concealer – I’ve had these for years and I never bothered to throw it away. This is actually a good concealer though. It’s pretty high coverage.

Collection Lasting Perfection concealer – This one is a popular affordable concealer. I like it and it has good coverage but it tends to crease under my eye though.


OXX Studio Define Lengthening Mascara – I featured this in my OXX haul and I didn’t like this mascara at all. There are other affordable mascaras out there that are good but this isn’t one of them.

Moisture Mist Impressive Lash Mascara – I liked this mascara for every day use. It has a traditional big fluffy brush.

Lashtonic Eyelash-Brow Growth Liquid – I got this from a makeup sale and tried it for a few weeks but never really saw a massive difference. I’m still skeptical for lash growing serums and this was the first serum I’ve ever tried.

brow products

W7 Brow Twister – This was my favourite every day brow pencil and I got it from a makeup sale. I wish I bought 2 at the time because I can’t find this anywhere! I would repurchase this again if I see it in stores.

L.A. Colors Clear Mascara – This one wasn’t ’empty’ but it clearly needed to be thrown out because colour just built up after a while. I use clear mascara to set my brows and this one was really affordable.

LOVE clear brow gel – Same as the above, I liked using this to set my brows as it’s clear and kept my brows in place. This was from this LOVE Cosmetics haul and unfortunately they’re not available in Kmart anymore.

lip sticks

Topshop Lip Marker and Lip Sticks – I’ve had these three Topshop lip products for so long that they needed to go. The Lip Marker was dried up and the lip sticks were off.

Jordana Quickliner Lip pencil – This was probably the oldest lip liner I have and I’ve forgotten to chuck it out. You can get Jordana from dollar stores and they’re actually not bad especially if you want to try colours for the first time without wanting to invest more money into a makeup product. My first ever red lipstick was from Jordana and that was the start of me liking red lipstick on.

skincare empties

Formula 10 Rescue Me! Acne Blemish Treatment – I didn’t like this at all. I felt like it didn’t work and it just stung when applied.

Garnier Youthful Radiance Night Cream – I really like this. I had the day cream (pink tub) and night cream and both liked it. The formula is thicker but it absorbs well on the skin and didn’t feel greasy. It also smelled really nice.

Blistex Lip Ointment – I’ve bought a lot of lip treatments when I had dry, sensitive lips one winter. This one didn’t really work on my lips so I wouldn’t repurchase this again.


Last but not the least, I have these faves:

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask – I made a post all about this lip mask. I absolutely LOVE this and would repurchase over and over again until I find a product that works better. I already bought a back up of this before it ran out and I’m currently halfway through that tub at the moment. This is not cheap but oh so worth it.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion – I’m on my 2nd bottle of this too and I think this is something I’ll always have in my skincare collection. It’s probably their most popular product and it’s good at drying out breakouts.

Trilogy Nutrient Plus Firming Serum – I got this from the Trilogy/Ecoya sale a few months ago and good thing I bought two of these because I liked it. I’m using my 2nd bottle and I’ll be sad once I use it all up too as I’ll have to repurchase it full price.

empties 1.jpg

I realised I forgot to add the Australis Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder in the other photos above but this powder has been a favourite of mine too and have repurchased it. It’s great at setting foundation.

That’s all I have to feature for products I’ve used up and need to throw out. I didn’t realise I have so much since February.

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