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Thankyou NZ

Last week I received a really exciting package from Thankyou. I wanted to share these with you because I want everyone to support them as much as possible. Their products help end global poverty. By you buying a hand wash or body lotion, you can help fund projects that provide safe water and hygiene solutions to people who need them. If you want to know how you can get support a good cause, continue below.

thankyou nzthankyou nz

The package came with this quote which definitely fits with how Thankyou started. Thankyou is a social enterprise that sells products and 100% of their profits go to projects that help end global poverty.

thankyou nz

The story behind Thankyou is quite inspiring. Three Australian uni students came up with this amazing concept. They’ve been successful in Australia and after 10 years, they’ve finally launched their personal care products in NZ.

thankyou nz

I was kindly sent 6 of their personal care products and I can’t wait to try them. The products have simple and classy-looking packaging. They’re quite nice to be displayed around the house. They’re also cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and free from nasties.

thankyou nz

The Hand Lotion and Hand Wash both come in 500mL pump bottles. I got them both in the botanical patchouli and vanilla scent.

thankyou nz

The Foaming Hand Wash comes in a smaller 250mL pump bottle and I got the scent botanical red ginger & blood orange.

thankyou nz

-The Body Wash is in 500mL tall sleek bottle and the Coffee Body Scrub is 300g. They’re both in the botanical geranium & rosewood scent.

The smallest is the Hand Sanitiser in 50mL in the lemon & lime scent.

thankyou nz

Most of these products, you’ll find in everyone’s homes. I recently buy hand lotion, hand and body wash on a regular basis as I always have them around. If I start buying from Thankyou instead of other brands, I am contributing to helping people in need and it’s a win-win situation!

thankyou nz

If you’re in doubt whether this is real, all of their products have a code at the back and you can use this code to go on their website to track where the profits would go and which projects it will fund.

thankyou nz

These are all the products I currently have tracked. All of their personal care products go towards water, sanitation and hygiene projects. I think Thankyou is quite transparent. There is so much information on their website so you can read all about it if you still have some questions.

“Over 796 million people are living in extreme poverty.”

I was born in the Philippines and I have seen it first hand. To think there are so many people that live below the poverty line is heartbreaking. I think we can all do more but sometimes it’s hard to think of ways you can help. I think Thankyou has made this quite easy. These products are currently available in select New World, Pak N Save and Four Square stores.

If you see them in the aisles, please grab at least one. I did check my local Pak N Save but I couldn’t see their products on the shelves but I will be on the lookout for them now. I don’t know the exact prices of each products but from what I have seen on their social media, I think they’re between $5-10.

thankyou nz

The booklet Thankyou sent me noted that to date, around 785,568 people have been impacted by their projects. Help them raise this number by supporting them and spreading the word. If you can, why not, right?

I was sent the products above but I was not sponsored or obligated to post about them on the blog. However, I couldn’t not share this when it’s for such a good cause. You might as well help others in need while purchasing something. These are such a guilt-free purchase and you’re contributing to something that can change people’s lives.

As I said above, they’re available in Pak N Save, New World and Foursquare stores.

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