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Bellabox | Beauty on Board

So last weekend, I received an amazing box from Bellabox and it’s their limited edition Beauty on Board box. This box is full of travel essentials so you’ll be ready for your next trip away. I was so excited when I got this and see the contents. My sister and I have booked a wee trip so I know some of these products would be so useful. Our trip is still a few months away but you can never be too prepared, right?

If you want to know the amazing products inside, continue down below.

BB Beauty on Board 1

This limited edition box is much larger than the monthly Bellaboxes. It’s roughly 3x the size of the monthly subscription boxes so it has A LOT of stuff inside. I’ve counted 21 products which is pretty amazing. There was so much inside I could barely fit them all in a photo.

Here’s a better look of the products:

quay australia sunglasses

Quay Australia Sunglasses – $75AU (approx $81NZ)

This is the Quay sunglasses in the Iconic style. It’s in rose gold and has reflective lenses. It’s quite a big pair of sunglasses which is great for covering under eye circles when you’re travelling and this is also a statement piece of eyewear. I really like that it came with a nice faux-leather case. This alone is worth more than the box itself so it’s a great start.

bellabox beauty on board 2.jpg

Jergens Natural Glow + Firming Daily Moisturiser – $14.99AU / $16.38NZ

This is a full-sized product which is a gradual tan moisturiser. I love products like this because I don’t fake tan too much. I have naturally brown skin but I love having a bronzed glow once in a while so using a moisturiser like this is good for me.

Sun Bun SPF Lotion – $17.99AU / $19.66NZ

I’ve already tried this product in the April Bellabox. I brought this with my when I went to the Philippines and it’s a good SPF lotion. I wore it every day and even applied it on my face as it was so hot and sunny in the Philippines. This didn’t break me out at all either. This would definitely come in handy this upcoming summer.

bellabox beauty on board 3

Lonvitalite S4 Coconut Milk Sheet Mask – $42AU / $45.90NZ

I’ve never tried anything from this brand before so I’m curious to see how good this sheet mask is.

Secret Models Invisible G-string – $10AU / $10.93NZ

I didn’t expect underwear but it’s actually quite handy especially for travelling. You never know when you need extra underwear so it’s good to have in your carry-on.

Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes – $7.99AU / $8.73NZ for full size

I always pack makeup remover wipes in my bag when I travel. The plane dries my skin so this is a must have.

picture polish.jpg

Picture Polish Special Edition Twin Set – $30AU / $32.79NZ

I’ve never heard of this brand but it has nice packaging and I love the matching red shade of the polish and lipstick. You can get them individually too and the nail polish retails for $12AU.

bellabox beauty on board 5.jpg

Biore Charcoal Pore Strips – $7.29AU / $7.97NZ

I love this pore strip. I’ve bought this before and will repurchase it again. It’s so satsifying to remove blackheads and whiteheads using a pore strip. This reminds me I’m overdue and need to use one asap.

Toni & Guy Elastic and Bobby Pin Combo – $6.99AU / $7.64NZ

If you have long hair, you will need extra hair ties. They always disappear and never to be found again. This set comes in a nice metal tin which is great and definitely perfect for travelling. I’d use the case storing jewellery and other small bits and bobs too.

White Glo Traveller & Pack Charcoal Edition – $5.99AU / $6.55NZ

This is so handy! It comes in a clear case which is airplane approved and the pack has a toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss.

Mini Summer Salt Pineapple Body Scrub – $20AU/ $21.86NZ for full size 240g

I’ve never taken a body scrub with me on a trip but if I’m going somewhere tropical, I’d consider it. This mini size is great to have and you can probably have 3-4 uses.

bellabox beauty on board 4.jpg

Wicked Sista Cosmetic Bag – $19.95AU / $21.80NZ

I already have a million cosmetic bags but I always want more. This one is so cute and it’s not fabric so it will be good for travelling because it the outside is pretty waterproof. This holds a lot of stuff too and was almost the size of the box.

PIXI Shea Butter Lip Balm – $14.95AU / $16.34NZ

I’ve also tried the PIXI lip balm before in the April Bellabox but in a different shade. In this Beauty on Board box, I got the shade Ripe Raspberry. I like the PIXI balm. It gives a nice sheen of colour and although it’s not the most moisturising, it’s good to have in your bag.

25ml Crabtee & Evelyb Hand Cream – $30AU / $32.79NZ for full size 100ml

I love minis for travelling and a hand cream is also a must have in my bag. I can’t travel without one so I would definitely be using this.

30ml Neon & Co Body Oil – $32AU / $34.97 for full size 250ml

This oil is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and is meant to be super moisturising and absorbing. It has jojoba oil and vitamin E.

Mini MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance Primer – $67AU / $73.22NZ for full size 50ml

This is the 6ml travel mini which is still good as there is enough product for probably 4-5 applications. I’ve tried this before and I quite like it. I do like other primers though so I don’t tend to shell out on full size MAC products.

beauty on board bellabox nz.jpg

Mitchum Roll-on Deodorant – $3.72AU / $4.07NZ 

I’ve tried Mitchum deodorants before and I really like them. I recently switched to a more natural deodorant for every day but I do still need an anti-persperant for when I work out and need something stronger.

Mini Batiste Dry Shampoo – $9.95AU / $10.87NZ for full size 200ml

I have about 3 mini Batiste dry shampoos which I keep when I need to bring them travelling or in my bag. They’re so handy instead of bringing the huge bottle so I’m always happy to have a mini Batiste in a box or goodie bag.

Mini Nivea Shower Cream – $8AU / 8.74NZ for full size 500ml

Body lotion is another travel essential of mine so having a mini size is so handy. I do rate Nivea body lotions as I’ve always liked them.

Mini Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Daily Serum – $149AU / 162.82NZ for full size 30ml

I got the 5ml to try and I’m quite curious because the full size is quite pricey. This is meant to hydrate and improve the skin texture, radiance and vitality.

Sinchies Reusable Ziplock Pouch – $19AU / 20.76NZ for a pack of 10

I didn’t take a photo of this but it’s a clear pouch which you can put travel sized products in for your carry on.

BB Beauty on Board

This box is pretty amazing and I know for sure I will be using majority of the products inside.

The limited edition box retails for $59.95AU or $65.52NZ including free shipping. When you purchase it, you choose the colour and size of the g-string as well so it’s customised for you.

For the full-sized products alone, they total to around $192AU / 208.74NZ! Then you have the mini/travel sized products on top which makes this whole box worth so much more. The Bellabox site has the whole box being worth around $285AU / $311NZ.

bellabox beauty on board box

I think when it comes to beauty boxes and subscription boxes, Bellabox has nailed it. I’m not just saying this because I’ve been sent their boxes but I’ve met some of the lovely ladies behind Bellabox and they really try to source brands and products that are easily available to Australia and NZ and that people would actually use.

I can vouch for Bellabox because I’ve discovered smaller brands through them that I’ve grown to love. Loveskin oils was in the April box and after trying the serum, I fell in love and I’ve since repurchased it and I’m onto my second full-size bottle. I’ve recommended it to my sister too and she loves it as well.

This is why I enjoy boxes like Bellabox. You get your money’s worth and it’s like Christmas when you receive it and unbox.

This Beauty on Board box takes the cake though and if you want this travel-inspired box, I recommend you to check it out. It would also be a nice gift.

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