Wet N Wild Flights of Fancy

Wet N Wild has come out with a lot of really pretty and interesting collections. Probably my favourite so far is this Flights of Fancy collection. Yes, I know this is a limited edition collection and it’s probably not widely available in Farmers NZ any more but you can still get the products from some websites.

I wasn’t sure whether to post this because it’s a tad late but my poll on Instagram said to post limited edition collections anyway so here it is. If you’re interested to know my thoughts on this collection, continue down below.

wet n wild flights of fancy collection.jpg

First of all, how cute is this box that I received though? As I said above, it’s probably my favourite so far because it covers a good range of products. The floral and bird design on the packaging is pretty too.

Wet n Wild lip scrub

The product I was most excited for when I opened the box and the products was this perfectpout lip scrub in Pecker Up. You can tell from the packaging that this is watermelon-inspired and this lip scrub smells AMAZING. It smells good enough to eat and it works so well too. I love using this scrub and I wish this isn’t limited edition because I’d buy this.

Flights of Fancy WetNWild.jpg

For the face, this collection has the photofocus primer water spray and the proline blush brush in P72. I don’t use this primer water spray every day as it’s a step I usually forget but when I’ve used it, it felt nice. However, I don’t know if it did anything to prolong my makeup. I don’t think primer sprays are necessary compared to a setting spray.

As for the blush brush, I really like the Wet N Wild proline brushes (the ones with metallic handles). They’ve become my favourites and replaced my Real Techniques brushes. This blush brush is no exception. The bristles are nice and soft. It’s great quality for the price.

Flights of Fancy Wet N Wild lip gloss.jpg

I got three of the lip glosses too. From top to bottom, the shades are: Fly Gal, Love Bird Affair and Featherless.

Flights of Fancy Wet N Wild lip gloss swatches.jpg

Fly Gal is more of a peachy pink, Featherless is a baby pink which is too light for me and doesn’t suit my skin tone at all and Love Bird Affair is a nice bright red gloss. Out of the three, I’d mostly wear Love Bird Affair as the other two are too light. The formula of the lip gloss isn’t sticky and it’s actually quite pigmented for a gloss.

Flights of Fancy wetnwild collection.jpg

This collection also has quite a nice combination of powder products. I love the shades!

Wet n Wild coloricon baked blushWet n Wild baked blush

These are the baked blush. The more pinky shade is called Don’t Flutter Yourself and the more bronze shade is Hummingbird Hype. These are cute with an hummingbird embossed on it. These baked blushes work more as a highlighter than a blush because they’re shimmery. However, they’re pretty good.

Wet n Wild baked blush swatch.jpg

Hummingbird Hype is on top which suits me more as a highlight and Don’t Flutter Yourself is below which I’ve used as a shimmery blush. As summer is fast approaching, I know I’ll get more use out of these two.

wet n wild flights of fancy eyeshadowswet n wild flights of fancy eyeshadow palettes

Lastly, I got three eyeshadow palettes from the collection and they have such gorgeous shades! I genuinely love Wet N Wild eyeshadows. I don’t wear eyeshadow every day but when I do, I tend to reach for one of my Wet N Wild 8 shade palette. I think for the price, you get great shadows that are pigmented and easily workable.

wet n wild flights of fancy eyeshadow hasta la costa baby.jpg

This is the Hasta La Costa Baby palette and it has shades I won’t usually go for. The blue and purple shades are beautiful and pigmented though. My sister used this and it looked good on her. I didn’t think the combination would look good together but they clearly made the palette knowing it would and they were right.

wet n wild flights of fancy eyeshadow stop ruffling my feathers.jpg

This is the Stop Ruffling My Feathers palette and I’m sorry my swatch was crap but this is the one I’ve used the most out of the three. It has really nice neutral shades. The copper shade for the crease is stunning.

wet n wild flights of fancy eyeshadow flock party.jpg

This one is the Flock Party palette and I’ve also used this one because I really wanted to give the pink shadow a go and I ended up liking this combination. The pink and gold shades are nice and the gold is great for all over the lid.

Flights of Fancy Wet N Wild.jpg

Overall, this is such a fun collection. My top three are the lip scrub, blush brush and Stop Ruffling My Feathers palette. If you happen to see this collection still in Farmers stores, give it a go as they’re made for the summer season. Wet N Wild is so affordable and I truly love this brand. I can’t wait for what they have in store next.

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