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Makeup Revolution

So in October, the brand Makeup Revolution launched in Farmers. I’ve heard of this brand before but it wasn’t really easily available in NZ so I’ve never tried anything from them. I was sent a very nice package from Farmers so I’ll show them all today and let you know what I think since I’ve tried most of them already.

makeup revolution haul.jpg

I didn’t really know much about Makeup Revolution before but it’s a British makeup brand that aims to be affordable and on trend. All the products are cruelty-free and 76% are vegan.

The package I got had 7 items so I’ll go through them below.

makeup revolution x soph highlighter palette.jpg

XSoph Highlighter Palette – $20

I was quite excited about this palette when I saw it in the box. I love highlighter and you can never have too much! I like that there is a good variety of highlighter shades in here. I’ve used the second and fourth on the top and they’re gorgeous. The two bronzey shades on the bottom right are also great. I think out of the 8 shades, I’ll use all but two (top left and second right on the bottom). The shades I’ve used were pigmented, not too powdery and gave a nice sheen.

For the price, I think this is a pretty good palette.

makeup revolution liquid highlighter.jpg

Liquid Highlighter – $16

I got the shade liquid luminous gold and this is so beautiful and pigmented. This is actually my first liquid drop highlighter and I’m impressed. This isn’t one to use for everyday for me but it’s great for a glam look as it really pops. I found it easy to blend on the top of my cheeks.

I saw online that Farmers has 12 shades of the liquid highlighter so I’m sure there is one that would suit every skin tone. This shade works well on my skin.

makeup revolution conceal & define concealer.jpg

Conceal & Define Concealer – $10.50

I’ve heard this is a cult product from the brand. I really wanted to try this and I’ve been using it every since. The first time I used it, I think I used too much or my under eye area was a bit dry because it did crease on me on top of the baking powder (featured below). However, I used a bit less, made sure I put eye cream beforehand and didn’t put a baking powder on top. It hasn’t been cakey or crease under my eyes since.

The formula of this is quite thick but I found it blends easily. The applicator is bigger compared to other doe-foot applicators but I like it. Since that first time trying it, I haven’t really had any issues with it so I think this is a good product and has a great price.

makeup revolution bake & finish powder.jpg

Bake & Finish Luxury Baking Powder – $15

I don’t bake my face when I do makeup. It’s a step I skip and don’t find that I need it. My sister however likes to do it. When I used this on top of the concealer, it didn’t work. I don’t know if it’s because I’m not ‘baking’ properly but this is not something I’d use every day.

The powder is so fine though and I’d rather use it as a finishing powder to mattify my face if needed but I won’t use this for baking. If you’re like me and find baking a faff, you won’t need this product.

makeup revolution ultra 32 eyeshadow palette.jpg

Ultra 32 Eyeshadow Palette in Flawless 4 – $21

Makeup Revolution has a lot of palettes and I was glad to have this one sent to me because most of the palettes I have have more brown, bronze neutral shades. I think it’s nice to have a palette in my collection that has a variety of light and pinky tone shades. I also really like that it has a matte white and matte black shades.

I’ve only used 2 shades in this palette which was one of the matte browns and bronze shimmer shades. They blended well and had good colour payoff. This palette comes with a huge mirror as well.

makeup revolution setting spray and powder.jpg

Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray – $14.50

I love makeup sprays as a final touch to doing my makeup. I liked using this and I think it helped setting my makeup and making sure it lasts a lot longer throughout the day. I don’t ever touch up my makeup at work, only if I’m going out after work but the past week or so, I’ve come home and my face isn’t too oily or makeup has only really moved in the area between my eyebrows and nose where my glasses sit.

I’m also interested to try their Sport Fix spray which is meant to be long-lasting.

makeup revolution lipstick.jpg

Iconic Matte Nude Lipstick in Expose – $11

This was the last item in the package and also my least favourite. I don’t like it because it’s a shade I will never wear. My skin tone doesn’t suit this shade at all and it would look like I have concealer lips so sadly, I haven’t touched or swatched this.

I must say, I love their packaging though. It looks like a MAC lipstick but weighs much lighter.

makeup revolution nz farmers.jpg

I think it’s great that Farmers has managed to bring this brand easily available in NZ now. The price range is between $8-40 which is good.

The brand is available in 20 Farmers stores so far and also online. In Auckland, you can find them at Albany, CBD store, St Lukes, Botany, Broadway, Manukau and Northwest.

The rest of NZ, they’re in Hastings, Lower Hutt, Dunedin, Te Rapa, Mt Maunganui, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Napier, Papanui, Lambton Quay, Riccarton and Shirley. Not gonna lie, I don’t know where some of those places are but it’s good they’re widely available.

makeup revolution selfie.jpg

I know the above is not the best photo but I used most of the products above (besides the lipstick). The foundation I wore was the YSL Le Teint and it did make me a bit shiny since it was a warm day but the Makeup Revolution products I used that day I really liked except for the bake & finish powder. I rate the highlighters the most.

If you’ve tried anything else from this brand, let me know what you recommend. I’m still intrigued by Makeup Revolution and keen to try other products.

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