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So it’s been a couple of months since my trip to the Philippines. I’ve been meaning to blog about it the trip itself but I really haven’t gone through all my actual photos. I thought I’d share the stuff I bought first and give you an idea of how much shopping I actually did. Today’s post is all about the accessories I bought. I think I went a bit overboard with wallets but it was the main thing on my list to buy.

Before I start, if you haven’t been to the Philippines, shopping there is pretty amazing especially compared to NZ. The prices are cheap and there are malls EVERYWHERE. I did so much shopping because it was so hot and humid outside that the best place to go to is the airconditioned mall.

This post will mainly be bags and shoes and these two things were the ones I wanted to get the most there because they’re pricey in NZ. My trip back to the Philippines was sort of last minute so I knew that I wasn’t going to splurge on big items but take advantage of how the cheap the department stores are over there.

The biggest one is SM. I grew up shopping in SM and I’ve heard it’s gotten better over the years. I was honestly so overwhelmed with choice I struggled to shop. The currency in the Philippines is pesos (P) so I’ll share the price if I remember them and the NZ equivalent.

SM chain wallet

I like really small wallets so when I saw this, I thought it would be great if I have a small bag etc. This is from SM and I was P199 ($6NZ). This is the wallet I’m using right now and I really love how small it is so I don’t shove receipts and other unnecessary crap.

SM pink wallet.jpg

This is another SM wallet and I started using this straight away when I got back to NZ. Because the front is white, it’s now quite dirty so I switched the to black one above. This is the perfect size wallet for me and I think it was around P299 ($8NZ).

Charles & Keith wallet

This Charles & Keith wallet is probably my most expensive purchase from my trip and was a treat to myself. I love the vibrant colour. I loved the Charles & Keith shop so much I wanted to get everything from there. I paid P1599 for it ($45NZ). Its $59NZ from their website.

Moving on to bags, I only got a few because I couldn’t fit anymore in my luggage. They’re all from SM and the brand is Parisian which is a really affordable line. I loved Parisian because the bags are really soft and there is no branding whatsoever so it’s simple.

Parisian cream bag.jpg

This Parisian cross body bag has been my favourite purchase ever. I’ve worn this so much and because it’s a cream colour, it’s dirty now and my jeans have rubbed off on it one side has a blue tinge. I love how roomy this is and it goes with everything.

You can see it better in this photo:


This bag was P499 which is $14NZ!! I wish I bought this in the other colours.

Parisian mauve bag.jpg

I picked up this smaller cross body bag because I really liked the colour and I can remove the straps and use it as a clutch. It was also P499 or $14NZ.

SM Parisian bag

This is the biggest bag I bought and I got it for work. It’s quite a structured bag with a long strap so I can wear it over my shoulder. I like the red detailing as well. This was P599 or $17NZ.

Parisian green bag.jpg

This is the last bag I bought and I actually gave this to my sister and she wears it ALL THE TIME. I wish I bought myself another one or got it in a different colour because this bag is great. Same as the first bag, this was also $499 or $14NZ. Most Parisian bags are priced at $499.

Lastly, the shoes..

I thought I would end up buying a lot more shoes in the Philippines but I ended up being so overwhelmed with the the choice I had in the stores. There’s usually an entire floor full of shoes and I didn’t know where to look. I ended up just buying comfy shoes.

slip on flats.jpg

I got two pairs of these slip ons from SM. One in pink metallic which I love and plain black. These are so comfy and only P399 each ($11NZ).

I’ve worn these two to death. Here’s the pink one:



Parisian flats.jpg

These are also from Parisian in SM> I bought the camel one because my feet were killing me after walking/shopping for hours. The moment I tried them on, I fell in love because these have such soft soles. They’re padded and felt like heaven on my feet. My sister has the grey one and my mum got a pair too. It was P699 a pair ($20NZ).

This is all for accessories. I actually didn’t buy any jewellery or sunglasses during my trip. I did go a bit crazy for beauty/makeup though so I’ll have a huge beauty haul which I’ll share soon.

I definitely miss shopping in the Philippines. If I had a much bigger luggage allowance (my luggage was 3-4 kgs over going back home), I would’ve bought more stuff not just for myself but for my sister too. I think over there people don’t appreciate these cheaper brands as much but I loved them especially Parisian. Shopping in NZ is so bleak and expensive in comparison.

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