Postie Activewear

So I have been in a fitness journey the past couple of months. Since I found out about my deficiency, I made my health more of a priority. I finally joined a gym, got personal trainer sessions to get a routine and this week alone, I’ve been to a Les Mils Bodyattack and a Bodycombat class. I’m writing this quite sore but feeling stronger than I’ve ever been.

Since making this change, I realised I needed more activewear and just at the right time, I was approached by Postie to work with them and pick out a few pieces. I gladly accepted and I wanted to share my great bargain finds with you.

I got 2 sports bras, two pairs of pants and two shirt sets and they were all under $100! How awesome is that?! I was honestly surprised and amazed.

postie sports bras.jpg

I got two different crop tops/bras and they were $8 each.

postie sports bra.jpg

This one is the multi strap crop and it has this bright green strap detail at the back which I really like. This has padding which is removable.

postie crop top.jpg

This one is the grey crop and unfortunately I can’t find them on the website anymore. If you do happen to see them in store, please get one! I LOVE THIS. I recommend this to everyone and I basically wouldn’t shut up about it. I would wear this every day if I can because it’s super comfy. It’s basically double layered. It’s flattering and I wish I bought another one of this. It doesn’t have any padding though.

I’m wearing the grey crop in this photo up in North Head:

If you’re after a similar one, this Elite Crochet Sports Crop and this Elite Crochet Hem Crop are probably the closest to the grey crop above.

postie workout pants.jpg

Next up are workout pants and these were $15 each. They’re both grey as when I bought these, they didn’t have other styles in my size but there are a few options on their website.

The one on the left is the Elite Active Crop Leggings and the one on the right which is my favourite is unavailable on their website but it has these cutouts on the side which is a cute detail. They do have this similar one just without the cutout and it’s the Active Space Dye leggings.

Lastly, I got two top sets for $15 each. I basically got 4 different workout tops so it works out to be $7.50 for each top which is amazing because you get a singlet plus either a t-shirt or a 3/4 sleeve top.

postie workout tshirt set.jpg

This is the Spot Stripe T-shirt with a bright orange singlet underneath. This comes together but you can wear them separately.

postie workout top.jpg

This one is a simpler set with a black singlet underneath and a pink 3/4 sleeve top. I actually wear the pink top to death because it’s thin and just plain and comfy to wear. I couldn’t find this set on the website though but they do have this Elite Active Top.

Here are a few photos of me trying to model the pieces above. Mind you, I’ve never taken photos of myself in activewear and these were taken a few months ago.

The photo above was not planned at all! We were walking towards this coastal walkway and I happened to be wearing the bright singlet and I realised I matched. Haha

postie outfit activewear.jpgpostie activewear outfit.jpg

If you are after some good activewear that won’t break the bank, I recommend you check out Postie. They also have great summer dresses that I’ve been eyeing on besides activewear. I have used the pieces I’ve featured in this haul for months now and they’re still pretty good.

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