Welcome to Wellness Bellabox

Welcome to Wellness Bellabox

This Welcome to Wellness Box was sent to me last week and it was a great reminder that self care is quite important. The past few weeks have been hectic and I’ve been slacking off on taking care of myself. This box arrived just in time and I’m excited to share the contents with you. If you want to know more about it, continue down below.

bellabox Welcome to Wellness box.jpg

This box is pretty big filled with goodies and I love the saying underneath the lid which says “Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit”. I couldn’t agree more and this is what I really need to be reminded of.

When Turbo went missing for a week (if you don’t follow me on Instagram, yes he went missing but after exactly a week he came home unhurt just starving) it really heightened my stress levels and it kinda tipped me over the edge. I lost my routine of going to the gym after work, eating well then I got sick too. I know I need to get my ass into gear again and make sure I take of myself especially this winter season.

Going back to this box, I do think some of these products will help me out.

Global Nature Pure Natural Collagen Booster (full size $39.95AU)

Global Nature Pure Natural Collagen Booster.jpg

This was the first one I noticed . I don’t take any powder collagen at all but I’ve been seeing products like this everywhere on social media so I’ve been curious. This is a good way for me to try it out. This is vegan and is meant to aid collagen production to promote healthy radiant skin, growth of hair and nails and maintain health among tissues and joints as well as improving skin elasticity. This all sounds good to me. My skin has not been the best due to stress and hormones and I’ve broken our badly. The worst my skin has been since the start of last year. I’m willing to try anything that can make it better.

Bellabox Reusable Bamboo Travel Cup ($30AU)

Bellabox reusable bamboo travel cup.jpg

I love coffee and this is so cute. I like using reusable cups as much as possible so I will definitely put this to good use.

Plunkett’s Vita E Pure Vitamin E Super Concentrated Oil (full size $21.99NZ)

Plunkett's Vitamin E Oil.jpg

I know Vitamin E is good for you and this also has rosehip oil. This is meant to protect and nourish against moisture loss, dehydration and help restore damaged skin, soften scars and even skin tone. This sounds like an all round good product to have.

Mary Grace Bulgarian Rose Otto Face Elixir (fulle size $37NZ)

Mary Grace Bulgarian Rose Otto Face Elixir.jpg

I’ve not heard of this brand but the packaging is pretty. This is apparently vegan-friendly and suitable for sensitive skin that can be used as a serum, makeup remover or combined with a face cream.

Kohle Smile Bundle (Toothpaste $26.95AU and Toothbrush $14.95AU)

Kohle smile bundle.jpg

I’m very interested in trying this charcoal and coconut whitening toothpaste. I haven’t tried a charcoal toothpaste before but it’s been all the rage recently. The toothbrush would be good for travelling and it’s biodegradable. If you also use BELLABOX at checkout at kohle.com.au, you can save 10% off your order.

Jurlique Sweet Violet & Grapefruit Mist (Travel size. Full size is $42NZ)

Jurlique Sweet Violet & Grapefruit mist.jpg

I’ve tried the Jurlique rose mist before and I really liked it. I like this sample/travel size because it’s small which is perfect for travelling or in your gym bag. I like using mists after a workout.

Remedy Drinks Switchel Blood Orange ($5NZ)

Remedy Drinks Switchel Blood Orange.jpg

I was surprised the box had a drink and it survived the journey to me which was good. I haven’t heard about this drink before but it’s an orange fizzy drink without any ‘nasties’. It has a blend of apple cider vinegar and ginger to aid in blood sugar levels, digestion and balancing pH levels.

Scentered Sleep Well Therapy Balm (sample size. Full size is $29.95AU)

Scentered sleep well therapy balm.jpg

This is a small sample of the sleep balm and I’m actually excited to use this. I’ve been using a pillow spray and also have a stress less/sleep roll on thing but this is in a balm form which is meant to clear your mind before bed. Anything that will help me get a better sleep, I’m interested.

Blue Dinasour Super Bite (full size $3.90) and Tsuno Natural Bamboo pads

Tsuno Natural Bamboo pads.jpg

I initially thought the Blue Dinasour Super Bite was a bar of soap due to its size but it is a healthy treat rich in Vitamin C. It’s Australian made, all natural, vegan and cruelty-free.

The Tsuno sampler pack is great as they’re sustainable pads and liners made from bamboo and corn fibre. Each box (regular pads $6.10AU and liners $5.80AU) that gets sold also provides for 50% of the profits being donated to the charity One Girl that helps fund girls education. I like the idea behind this. As a woman, we need this every month and it’s good to know we have sustainable options now and this one also contributes to a good cause.

Footcare Foot Gel Cushion ($11.99NZ) and Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask ($7.50AU for a pack of 5)

Footcare gel cushion.jpg

The foot gel cushion will definitely be used when I wear a pair of heels next because they’re great at making them more comfortable.

As for the eye mask, I was confused about it due to the packaging and I can’t understand anything but apparently it is a Japanese self-heating eye mask. You leave it on for 10 minutes and it will sooth your eyes.

Bellabox #welcometowellness.jpg

That is all for this Welcome to Wellness Bellabox. If you live in Australia, you can get this box for only $59.95 and the value is worth up to $200. It’s a pretty good deal and there’s some great products inside.

This box was kindly sent to me by Bellabox but you should know by now that I do love them as I’ve discovered amazing brands through their monthly boxes. They also have specific boxes like this wellness one or the travel box called Beauty on Board too.

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