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Beauty Vault Goodies

Last month, Beauty Review opened their Beauty Vault which has a selection of beauty products available to ‘purchase’ using our beauty points. Since I’ve accumulated a lot of points, I decided to use some of them. Today I’m sharing what I’ve spent my points on and a brief review on the ones I’ve used so far.

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beauty vault haul skincare

Beauty Vault Haul

As you may know, I’m a member of Beauty Review which is this great NZ website where you look at beauty products, review them and engage with other members. it has a forum which a good way to know new products, good deals and meet people.

BR also has a Beauty Vault which members get to ‘buy’ products using their points gained from writing reviews and posting in the forums. I managed to grab a few things from the points I’ve accumulated over the past few months which is great because I basically get to try all these new products for free.

See below what I’ve chosen from the vault.

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