Clearly Eyeglasses

These are fairly new additions in my life but I wanted to share this while Clearly still has their buy one get one free promo. If you wear glasses and wanting cool new spares, check out Clearly and grab yourself a good deal. This post isn’t sponsored and I bought these myself but I wanted to share them as glasses are usually so expensive to buy.

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travel bag essentials travelling

Travel Bag Essentials

Last week, I shared part 1 of my Melbourne trip. That trip was my first proper time in Australia, first overseas trip with my partner and my first overseas travel since moving to NZ nearly 10 years ago.

We went to Queenstown last year but that was just a domestic flight that did not require going through customs and needing a passport. Our Melbourne trip required that and I wanted to be prepared.

The things above are what I had in my bag on the plane and what I consider flight essentials. Check all the details down below.

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Zenni Optical

I am short-sighted so I need eyeglasses to see on a daily basis. I only wear contact lenses during weekends or special occasions because I have dry eyes and staring at a computer all day is not good for it.

I’ve had quite a few eyeglasses over the past years and I know how expensive they are. I never liked getting new glasses because I hate spending my money on it. Not until I discovered Zenni Optical.

Zenni Optical is a US website that has an amazing range of eyewear for an incredibly cheap price. It was recommended by a work mate as she ordered three pairs. So when I realised it wasn’t a fake/scam website, I decided to try it out myself.

See below for the pairs I got in my first order.

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