Mid-year recap and update

It’s been quite hectic since my last blog post. It feels like so much has happened already and I wanted to get this post done as another update as we head to the middle of this year. It’s also a place for me to store the great memories from the past few months before I go on my overseas adventure. This is like a wrap up of the first half of 2023 for me and I’m hoping the second half is even much better!

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2023 so far…

I had every intention of writing a blog post at the start of the year. I started it but it sat in my drafts because life got in the way. Probably like most people, I started the year quite hopeful and I was ready to have a great year. I even made a 2023 mood/vision board! I was so excited for this year as I had some fun things planned but instead, the first 2 and a half months of this year has thrown me quite a few curveballs. What a rollercoaster it has been already and it’s only March! So while I’m currently sick with Covid and had some time to rest and think, I finally finished this blog post, although it’s quite different to what I initially thought I’d post.

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Best of 2022

The start of a new year is usually a reflective time for people. It’s even more so for me as my birthday is only a few days after New Years day. During this holiday break, I had some time to reflect on the past year and also set some goals / intentions for 2023. In my oversharing self here on my little part of the internet, I thought I’d share my 2022 highlights.

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2022 Books

My Top 2022 Books

In 2020, I rediscovered my love of reading and ever since then I have read consistently throughout the year. It has been one of my favourite things to do to unwind and relax. Last year was a big reading year for me and I want to share my top reads and the books that stood out to me.

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Melbourne 2022

Going overseas this year wasn’t really in the plans but when the opportunity came up to go to Melbourne for a week, I didn’t hesitate. This was my first overseas trip since the pandemic started. This was also the last city I went to before the world locked down and NZ borders closed. I was quite excited to leave the country after 3 years and of course I had to document it.

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2022 midyear update

Midyear Recap & Update

Most of my blog posts this year has been about my trips. To break it up, I thought it was time for a midyear update and a recap (I also did one last year). The first half of the year has gone by quickly, as it feels like every single year. It has been a good one so far though! In this post I’ll share what’s been happening: the good and not so good (getting Covid).

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