Where I opshop + Tips & Tricks

I’ve done quite a bit of opshopping / thrifting recently to update my winter wardrobe. I found some amazing pieces and when I shared them on Instagram, I got people asking me where I went. It gave me an idea that it’s about time I update the opshops I go to. I thought I’d also add my tips and tricks on opshopping as I’ve been doing this for years.

If you live in Auckland, check out my favourite opshops below.

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tok tok kitchen takapuna

Tok Tok Kitchen

Last Sunday, I had lunch with my family at Tok Tok, a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try since it opened in Takapuna some time last year. It was my dad’s birthday so I took it as a great opportunity to book this place.

It’s an Asian fusion restaurant which is quite the rage at the moment and this place did not disappoint. If you want to know more about this place and the food we ordered, continue down below. Just beware, I have a lot of delicious-looking food ahead.

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auckland takapuna tokyobay restaurant

Food: Tokyo Bay Takapuna

I’m no food expert but I am a self-confessed foodie. I love food and trying new places to eat. Back in my Tumblr days, I always posted about food and restaurants whenever we went out to eat as we did it quite frequently. It doesn’t happen as often nowadays but I’m still as excited trying out new restaurants.

Last weekend, my sister and I took my parents out for an early Mother’s Day lunch. I decided to try Tokyo Bay Takapuna since we’ve never been although I live close by. I have heard good things about this restaurant too so it was time to give it a go.

Click below for more photos and to see what we ordered.

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