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Road trip holiday part 3 – Castlepoint

In my last travel post, I shared our amazing adventure in Cape Palliser. This one is all about our time in Castlepoint which was our next road trip destination after Martinborough.

Before I move on to Castlepoint, we also stopped by Greytown on the way.

I wish we had more time in Greytown as it was just a quick stop for brunch and to check out Mrs Blackwell’s Village Bookshop. It’s a cute little town.

For brunch, we ended up at The Offering. We sat outside under the trees and had a nice brunch.

After Greytown, we also did a quick stop at Masterton to get food from the supermarket. Then we were back on the road to Castlepoint which was an hour away.

Castlepoint is a small beachside town on the east coast of Wairarapa. It has a pretty lighthouse and amazing landscape.

The way to the lighthouse is definitely not as tiring or steep compared to the Cape Palliser lighthouse but the views of the coast is beautiful.

The big rock/hill you can see towards the distance is Castle Rock which is 162m high. The limestone reef here is pretty cool.

We have so many photos from Castlepoint because the views were beautiful.

Similar to Ngāwi, Castlepoint beach also had these big tractors hauling fishing boats. There were only a few but they’re huge.

We were only in Castlepoint for one night and we stayed at Castlepoint Holiday Park. We thought we can break up our trip with some camping in the Caddy. The campground is nice and clean. Probably the nicest one we’ve been to so far so I do recommend going there. It’s by the beach and the amenities are good. There is only one shop in town and they do takeaways but bear in mind they close around 6pm so we had an early dinner of fish and chips by the beach.

After dinner, we rested back in the Caddy and then went for a nice sunset walk.

The view changed during the sunset. It was already beautiful when we arrived in the afternoon but it was magical during golden hour.

We walked up this middle reef part between a very calm lagoon part close to Castle Rock.

On the left side of this reef is a bit scary as it drops down and the waves are quite intense. On the right side is very calm, shallow water. The difference was really interesting to watch.

The four photos above are probably my favourite photos Max took of me during our trip. The golden hour in Castlepoint was beautiful and magical. My highlight from Castlepoint was this sunset walk.

My only regret was I forgot to bring my disposable camera with me. I’m glad we still had these beautiful photos though!

I’ve realised this post is mostly a photo dump as we took a lot from our overnight stay in Castlepoint. It’s amazing there and I would gladly go back and camp for at least 2 nights because the campground is nice and the landscape is stunning. If you’re ever in the east coast of Wairarapa, do check this little town out.

After Castlepoint, we headed to Hawkes Bay so my next post will be all about that.

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