the lula inn

Bottomless Brunch at The Lula Inn

Last month’s brunchclub was at The Lula Inn located in the waterfront, beside the Auckland Maritime Museum. I’ve never been to this restaurant before so I was quite excited to try their Bottomless Brunch with some awesome blogging gals. Food plus cocktails on a Sunday? YES PLEASE.

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ootd outfit fashion style dress

ASF Launch + OOTD

Yesterday afternoon, I attended the launch for the Auckland Seafood Festival thanks to the awesome people at Zomato. The launch was before the festival opened to the public and it gave us a great insight of what the festival is all about, what it is trying to achieve and what will be on offer during the festival.

I love seafood so I had great pleasure trying some of the best seafood on offer. If you’ve bought tickets and want to know what to expect in the next few days, read more below. If you haven’t bought tickets but you’re considering going, then this may persuade you.

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