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Topshop Matte Lips

This month, Topshop Beauty will turn 5 and to mark this occasion, Topshop has released a limited edition collection with their top products in a beautiful rose gold packaging. I believe it’s called Topshop 5 Years of Beauty.

I have quite a few Topshop Beauty products especially lipsticks and I love them. I feel like Topshop makeup doesn’t get talked about a lot but I think they are great.

Although I have most of the products in the limited edition collection already , I picked one thing up that’s been missing in my own lipstick collection.

Check below to see what I got and some swatches.

topshop lipstick makeup beauty

The lipstick is still in the usual white tube but instead of the original black lines and text, it is a rose gold colour. The box also has the rose gold detail. The packaging is so up my alley. I love rose gold.

topshop beauty lipstick makeup

The shade I got is Rio Rio which is a matte orangey-red colour.

topshop beauty lipstick makeup

My sister has this lipstick so I already knew I will like it. There are only two lipsticks in the collection I like and it is Rio Rio and Beguiled which I already have in the normal packaging. The other three lipsticks (Nevada, Ohh La La and Innocent) are too light for me.

topshop beauty lipstick makeupThis is the difference in packaging. For some reason, the limited edition lipstick is slightly taller than the normal one too.

Here’s what the lipstick looks like swatched on my hand and on my lips.

topshop beauty lipstick makeup


This is after I’ve done my makeup and before I did my hair. I really like the colour. I love bright lipsticks anyway and this is a nice bright shade that it still quite wearable.

topshop beauty selfie lipstick

I’ve worn it both days this weekend and have taken many selfies.

To get your hands on them, visit the Topshop flagship store in Queen Street, Auckland. When I went on Thursday, they had all five lipstick shades in the limited edition packaging. I know the collection also has blushes and nail polishes but I didn’t see them in store.

This post is not sponsored. I truly love Topshop Beauty products.

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6 thoughts on “Topshop Matte Lips

    • astylecollector says:

      You need to check out Topshop cosmetics! I didn’t expect them to have good makeup products but I truly love them. I have so many of their lipsticks. Topshop in Queen St actually has a good range of their products. I recommend checking it out. The lines are too long to try on clothes so I always end up on their beauty section. 🙂


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