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Topshop Lips Swatch

Topshop Beauty is something that doesn’t get talked about as much. I think people overlook Topshop makeup because it doesn’t specialise in cosmetics. However, I have loved most things I have tried from Topshop Beauty especially their lipsticks.

I have the same number of Topshop Lips as my MAC lipsticks and with the price difference, I prefer Topshop Lips more.

I have a full lip swatch and review below.

topshop lips lipsticks makeup beauty cosmeticsFirst of all, I really like the packaging of Topshop Lips. It’s cute and easily recognisable in my collection with the black stripes on the bottom of the lipstick bullet. The one with rose gold stripes is a limited edition lipstick from the Topshop 5 Years of Beauty collection.

The only problem I have with the packaging is it gets dirty easily because it’s white.

topshop lips lipsticks makeup beauty cosmetics

My full collection has these shades:

  • Beatnik – This is a creamy finish and one of my favourite your-lips-but-better shade.
  • Sartorial – This has more of a velvet finish. It’s a peachy-orange shade and very close to the next one.
  • Ditsy – It is a similar finish to Sartorial but a tinge brighter. I got this on sale and I wouldn’t have if I knew it is so close to one I already have.
  • All About Me – My favourite lipstick in the collection. This was one of my first Topshop lipsticks and what started my obsession. I love this colour so much and the finish is more of a satin matte. It’s so bright but quite wearable.
  • The Damned – This looks like a dark purple in the tube but when applied, it is a purplish pink shade. This is also one of my favourites.
  • Rio Rio – This is from the Topshop 5 Years of Beauty collection which comes in a limited edition rose gold packaging. Out of all the rest, I think this is the most matte shade.
  • Screen Siren – I like a bright red shade and this is it for Topshop Lips.
  • Hazard – This is a cool toned red close to MAC’s Ruby Woo. I much prefer this because it’s less drying too.
  • Beguiled – It’s a vampy matte red shade and also quite close to my last shade Wicked.
  • Wicked – Compared to Beguiled, Wicked is a velvet shade. This looks so much darker in the tube too but on the lips it’s a wearable burgundy shade.

Now let’s move on to the swatches:

topshop lips lipstick swatchesYou can see how close Sartorial and Ditsy are to each other. I can’t even tell the difference sometimes. All About Me is such a nice pink shade for me and Beatnik is a good nude.

topshop lips swatches lipsticksThe Damned is the only purple-toned lipstick in my collection and the rest are reds in different finishes. Rio Rio is more orangey like MAC Lady Danger.

topshop lips swatches lipsticksThe last two are also very similar. If I have to choose one, I’d go for Wicked. I’m biased because Wicked is my favourite musical. Haha

These photos were taken a while ago and I didn’t have a full face of makeup as I only was going to take photos for the lip swatch.

topshop lips all about me swatchI have All About Me. I love this shade so much!

topshop lips wicked swatchHere I have Wicked on and it matched well with my nail polish at the time. 

Have you tried Topshop lipsticks? I’d like to know what others think of their collection as I absolutely love it. Topshop Lips has a great shade range too. I was impressed when they kept coming out with more shades and different finishes.

I ordered my first two lipsticks online when Topshop had free shipping and the rest were bought from The Department Store and recently from the flagship store in Auckland city. Some were bought on sale but the normal price of a lipstick is $22NZ. It is almost half of MAC and a bit less than Revlon lipsticks. For the price, the quality and pigmentation is great and I will surely add more to this collection.

What is your favourite shade in my collection? Let me know what you think below.

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