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OOTD: Band Tees

Three weeks ago, my sister and I went to The Script concert at Vector Arena. The Script is our all time favourite band. The first time we watched them was in 2013 for their #3 Tour. This year, they came back to NZ for their No Sound Without Silence Tour.

On both concerts, my sister and I bought their shirts and I thought I’d make an outfit post on how to style them all.

See below for further outfit details and my favourite moments from the concert.

ootd band the script outfitThis white band shirt is from this year’s concert merch. We paired it with this simple black skirt and ankle boots. The boots are my sister’s and it’s the exact same as my brown Micha Ankle Boots as seen here.

ootd band the script outfitValleygirl Skirt | The Warehouse Boots | Cotton On Body Lace Socks | Fossil Watch

ootd band the script outfitThis black tee is from their #3 Tour in 2013 and this is my favourite one. We paired it with a girly skort.

ootd the script outfitCotton On Floral Skort | The Warehouse Heels

ootd the script outfitI love this because it has the lyrics of their song Hall of Fame.

ootd the script outfitThis one is also from the #3 Tour and this shirt has a looser fit. It is also a shirt from AS Colour so it is super comfy and better quality than the usual concert t-shirts.

ootd the script outfitTopshop Leigh Jeans | Kmart Red Platform Heels

ootd the script outfitLastly, another black shirt with their No Sound Without Silence album cover. I love how much the colour pops because of the black background.

ootd the script outfitBoohoo Skirt | Glassons Heels

Special mention to these black platform heels because they are the comfiest heels I own. I have worn them to concerts because I can last all night standing/jumping up and down/dancing with them on. They are amazing.

I won’t talk too much about the concert as this is mainly a fashion post but it was amazing. The Script are amazing live and I will forever love them. The best part was that we were in front row towards the right and we got to touch Danny, Glen and Mark a few times. Danny even sang right in front of me as he went up to the barrier. I couldn’t believe it. My sister caught it on video at least. I already can’t wait until they come back to NZ for another tour.

the script concert aucklandI’ll end the blog post here and I hope you enjoyed this outfit post. It’s a bit different but I loved putting this together. Also thanks to my sister Joan for being my model again as everything looks better on her and I take better photos.

Do you have a concert coming up that you’re excited about? Let me know! I’m still deciding whether I should go to Imagine Dragons in September. I think that will be another good concert to watch.

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