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May Instagram Flashbacks

I’m undecided if I should keep naming this Instagram Flashbacks or Instagram Snaps like last month’s. Let me know what you think is best but this is basically a roundup of my best Instagram posts.

As you may know, I love Instagram and I post there almost every day and sometimes multiple times a day. May has been a busy one for me with a concert, show and blogging events. It was definitely exciting. I also changed my username to astylecollector to reflect this blog.

Check below to see my favourite snaps.

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There’s more compared to last week but I had a busy calendar!

  1. The Script No Sound Without Silence World Tour. I love The Scrip and they put on another amazing concert. Short story: we were front row, Danny sang right in front of me and I loved every single bit of it.
  2. Went and tried Tokyo Bay Takapuna for the first time.
  3. The selfie that I have now used on every social media. It was a good selfie day!
  4. Out on a site visit under the Auckland Harbour Bridge. I was on a 2-day training outside the office learning about Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED). We had the proposed Skypath as a case study.
  5. Attended my first ever #BrunchClub event at LOOP. It was so nice meeting other NZbloggers and eating good food!
  6. Went to a friend’s 21st and I wore an opshopped Lippy dress I got for $4.50. I felt great in the dress and thought I did my makeup quite well too. It was a good night.
  7. Watching Singin’ in the Rain with my sister. It was very entertaining and funny. Seeing rain on stage was pretty awesome.
  8. I took a day off work to have a rest from a busy weekend and it was much needed. I had two Mondays in a row at home!
  9. I finally got my hands on the Kmart copper geometric candle holder that everyone is obsessing over. I got two and I’m glad I went to Kmart at the right time because I’ve heard they’re sold out.
  10. I met up for coffee with Chelsea from chelsealora. We weren’t able to talk to each other during the #BrunchClub event so we decided to meet up. We went to The Shelf and I got a hot chocolate. It was so nice and I hope it won’t be the last.
  11. Tried the new Whittaker’s Artisan Collection chocolate range. I also tried the Lewis Road Creamery chocolate milk for the first time this month. My favourite from the Whittaker’s range is the dark chocolate and salted caramel.
  12. I was invited by Bloggersclub to a screening of the new movie Aloha in Events Cinemas Gold Class. I did not expect anything from the movie and I was actually surprised. I liked it and it made me laugh and cry. It has Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams and much more. It’s a light-hearted movie and I’m glad I came and watched it.

And in case you’ve missed some of my posts from May, my top ones are:

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I really hope you’ve enjoyed my blog posts so far. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please let me know. This is only my third month of blogging. I’m learning as I go and I’m enjoying it a lot. I have been surprised by the feedback I’ve received already and it makes me happy knowing people have been reading and liking my posts. I only want to improve from here so comments or feedback will be much appreciated.

I’ve also done some blog planning this long weekend so I have a few lined up already. I hope I can continue this and stay tuned for more. For those that have been reading, following and commenting on my blog, thank you!

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