The Food Show 2018

The Food Show 2018

I can’t believe it’s July already. After a pretty crappy month, I’m glad I’m ending it by attending The Food Show. This is my third year going and I get so excited about seeing new brands and tasting all the food. I went today and I wanted to share some of the photos I took inside and the great deals we found.

This is our haul and I’ll share each item/deal towards the end of this post.

the food show 2018 haul.jpg

The Food Show is at ASB Showgrounds every year from Thursday to Sunday. Thursday is Preview Day and I went with my sister thanks to the lovely people at The PR Shop as I was invited as media. I’m so grateful for this as my sister and I really love going.

The Food Show 2018 a

Every year, the FRESH AS stall is always a popular one. They bring out yummy desserts to try. We sadly missed out on the panna cotta as they went so quickly! My sister also tried the limoncello which she enjoyed. Haha

The Food Show 2018 b

Some of my favourite stalls were Fix & Fogg, Appleby gelato and Riverside Duck.

The Food Show 2018 c

My favourite Sacred Hill is there too and my sister’s fave Harney & Sons tea.

The Food Show 2018 d

Another favourite of mine is Proper Crisps. If you haven’t tried their chips, you’re missing out. I love their kumara crisps and the half popped corn.

On the upper right is squeezy honey and the bottom right is Solomons Gold chocolate which is your healthy chocolate. They’re pretty good.

The Food Show 2018 e

When I saw the lineup for this year, I got really excited that Quarterpast is back. However, their stall only had their tumeric and honey, lemon and ginger syrups. So we were slightly disappointed because we really like their caramel syrups as they’re great with coffee.

There were so many stalls that I didn’t take a lot of photos. There were a lot of people and so many things to try. If you want coffee, check out the L’OR Espresso stall. They were busy so I didn’t have one plus I already use their coffee in my Nespresso machine every day. The Countdown Fresh Market is also a pretty cool area with fresh produce and you can eat fresh fruit.

This year, they also have a Taste of Philippines area so you can try some filipino dishes. I had Sinigang which is my absolute favourite but it may not be for everyone so try the Adobo instead because it’s delicious too.

the food show haul

The best part about The Food Show is the deals you get. We took advantage of them and this year’s haul is actually quite practical compared to other years.

Proper Crisps.jpg

As I already mentioned above, I love Proper Crisps. You can find them in supermarkets for around $4.19 each. In The Food Show, they have a deal of buy 6 for $20 and you get the bag too.

Fix & Fogg.jpg

I’m glad Fix & Fogg is back this year because we love them. They’re about $7-8 in supermarkets but they have a 2 for $10 deal going on. My favourite is the honey one.

ipress juice.jpg

iPress is cold pressed juice and they have a cafe in Mount Eden too. They have a 2 for $15 deal. I love the rockmelon juice.

Fresh As.jpg

If you didn’t know, my sister is a pastry chef so she loves to bake. She stocked up on Fresh As goodies this year with their 3 for $20 deal.

Niue vanilla

This is the most expensive single item we got but my sister uses it for baking. This Niue  Vanilla Extract is $30.

basilur tea.jpg

I’m not a big tea drinker but my sister is and she couldn’t resist picking one up from Basilur Tea for $10.

This year, we took advantage of the meat deals. In previous years we didn’t buy any meat but since we now live together and cook this was a great because they’re so much cheaper.

Riverside Farm Duck.jpg

I love duck but I’ve never cooked it at home. The Riverside Farm duck breasts and half duck were $10 each. If you spend $20 or more, you get a free pack of duck fat.

Silver Fern Farms meat.jpg

Silver Fern Farms has a good stall with pretty sweet deals. They have these steaks at 3 for $32 and they come with the spice rubs too. You also get a cooler bag with your purchase.

Turks Chicken.jpg

Lastly, we got some chickens from Turks. They’re 3 for $20 and they have whole chickens as well for 2 for $20 but since it’s just us two, cooking a whole chicken is a bit much. We got a Filipino barbeque marinated one and some breasts and thigh fillets. The cooler bag it came in is also quite nice and will be so handy when we go food shopping.

The Food Show is on until this Sunday and you can buy tickets online or at the door. If you’re a foodie, I highly recommend going. This year is the biggest one to date with over 300 exhibitors.

If you are gonna go, my last quick tips are:

  • wear comfy clothing especially shoes. You will be doing a lot of walking around.
  • bring a big bag. Some people have luggages if you’re planning on buying a lot. I got a backpack so I had two hands free and some spare shopping bags to reduce plastic.
  • get there early if you want to get a good car park. I luckily got a free carpark on Puriri Drive. The parking at ASB showgrounds is $10 and they have eftpos too but the main carpark can fill up quickly.
  • bring a water bottle. You’ll be trying a lot of things and there are water refilling stations around but with no cups available.

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