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Favourite Casual Dress

So a few weeks ago, Laura from took a few outfit photos of me. I was quite nervous as I am definitely not a model and posing for me is awkward but after a few directions from her, it got better and she managed to take beautiful photos.

I wanted to share the first lot wearing my favourite casual dress.


This pink striped dress is from Postie and it’s called the Women’s Tiered Boho dress. It’s currently on sale for $15 so be quick if you want to get it.


I love this dress since I bought it back in January. It’s comfy as it doesn’t cling to my body and I love pink. I’ve worn this outfit so many times and thankfully the weather is still sunny and warm at times so I can still get away with wearing it.


When it’s a bit colder, I love pairing the dress with this denim jacket I got from Target during our trip to Melbourne. The flats I’m wearing was from Philippines. It’s this pink metallic pair and I wish I bought another one because I’ve worn it so much. It’s super comfy and from memory it was less than $15NZ.


I had fun twirling in this dress during our ‘shoot’.

I had too much fun that it showed in some of the photos. I love how happy and carefree I looked in that photo.


I know this is quite a short post but I haven’t posted an outfit in such a long time because taking them by myself is a lot of effort and honestly, I mostly wear activewear nowadays but I still enjoy dressing up and looking pretty.

If you’re after some inexpensive but stylish pieces, I recommend you check out Postie. They’ve really stepped it up and there are so many nice stuff!

*This post was not sponsored by Postie. I bought the dress myself but I have previously received vouchers from them.

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