Summer Outfit

A few months ago, I received a few things from Fashionlife and this dress was one of them. I really liked this dress and I think it’s great for this summer.

I know it has longer sleeves but if you continue on, you’d find out why I think this is appropriate for this warm weather.

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OOTD: Kenzo Dress

This week is New Zealand Fashion Week and I’ll be attending my first show this morning. In light of this week’s fashionable events, I thought I’d post this Kenzo dress I got from Savemart because it’s one of my trendy ‘fashun’ things in my closet.

I absolutely love this but scoping out photos on social media and other blogs, it seems like black is the colour of choice of fashion week attendees. I’m unsure whether to wear this bright dress in the next four days yet so I’ll see how that goes.

I’ve actually styled this in two different ways. See below for more photos.

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