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Opshop Haul

I haven’t posted an opshop/thrift haul in a long time so I thought I’d finally share with you what I got from my local Hospice last time I went. I didn’t get too much stuff but I still found some good things both in the actual opshop and in the Hospice warehouse section.

I got a mixture of brands this time too from Dotti, Lululemon and Kathmandu.

If you want to see my full haul, continue below.

I’ll start off with the two things I got from the actual Hospice shop. I go to the North Shore Hospice by Ellice Road. They have the shop at the front and a warehouse/bargain area at the back.

thrift opshop haul dress workout topI got these from the shop at the front. The dress in my feature photo is this checkered Dotti dress. I like it because it’s not fitting and I love the colour.

thrift opshop haul lululemon top.jpgThe next one is this Lululemon workout top. I got really lucky with this because it is basically new and it was only $4! I couldn’t believe it! I love lululemon but it’s pricey for workout gear. This feels amazing on and I love the fabric. This was such a good find.

I then moved on to the warehouse/bargain section at the back. They have a deal of fill a bag for $3. You can fill the bag with anything you want in the warehouse area such as shoes, clothes, books, homewares. I only found clothing during this trip.

opshop thrift haul clothes hospice.jpgI got 6 items which means I got each one for 50cents! I can’t really complain as you can’t get anything cheaper than this.

opshop thrift haul collar dressI spotted this collared dress first. I love collared dresses and this one will be good for autumn/winter. I’ve also been loving grey the past few months so I was attracted to this.

IMG_0767I also picked up this white knitted cardigan. I’ve worn this a lot since getting it and I love it. It’s great to chuck on top of dresses and it goes with almost everything.

thrift opshop haul kathmandu jacket.jpgMy next find was this light pink Kathmandu jacket. Kathmandu clothing is not cheap and is usually good quality. I know this is probably a few seasons old but I thought I’d get it anyway because we go for walks around our area at night and this would keep me warm. This has pockets too and the fabric is not too thick so I can wear this in summer.

thrift haul opshop knit sweaterFor some reason, I also got drawn into this white sweater. You can’t try any clothes on at the warehouse section of this hospice shop so I took a gamble and put this in my bag. This was slightly too big on me but the quality of the knit feels good. The brand is a.v.v. standard which I think is an Asian brand.

opshop thrift haul pants topThe last ones are this printed pair of Cotton On pants and a Mickey Mouse singlet. I plan on wearing these at home so it’s even better that I got them for 50cents each. I liked the sweater too but when I tried it on at home, the cut on the arms is too low/wide that it shows a lot of side boob! I’m not sure I’ll keep it for that reason.

If you live in Auckland, I recommend checking out the Hospice shops because you never know what bargains you’d find in there.

If you’re after branded clothing, also check out Recycle Boutique in the city because I’ve found some gems there lately.

It’s not enough to have these in a separate haul post but I couldn’t believe I found that cute heart RUBY skirt in there. I love the cat dress too which my sister found for me. As for the Zara pants, they’re great for work.

That’s all I have for today’s post. I hope you liked my haul. It is short but I love sharing my opshopped finds here on the blog.

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