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Dessert has to be my favourite type of food. I’m always up for something sweet and I swear I have a different stomach for dessert as no matter how full I am, I could still have room for it.

This is why I got really excited when Miann opened up in Auckland. If you didn’t know, Miann is a new dessert place in the city which is by the known pastry chef Brian Campbell (ex-head chef of Milse). He finally opened up his own restaurant and I was dying to try it out.

I’ve now been a couple of times so I can give you a bit of a review and show you the beautiful desserts Miann has to offer.

If you’re after some lovely desserts, check out this place. I had trouble finding it for the first time but it’s in Fort Street and it’s surrounded by other restaurants too.

miann auckland restaurant dessertsFirst of all, this place is spacious compared to Milse which is another dessert place I love. It’s hard not to compare the two but I’ll leave the comparison just for the space itself. Miann is quite roomy and you don’t feel cramped at all.

miann dessert restaurant aucklandThere are a few more tables and it’s suitable for a big group. When I came with fellow bloggers Chelsea (chelsealora) and Kendel (littlemisadventures), we got seated at the biggest table inside. They also have outdoor seating which is great for this summer season.

Moving on to the actual desserts, we were spoilt for choice.

miann dessert restaurant auckland gateaux chocolatesThis is what greets you when you come in. This amazing display of desserts have macarons, eclairs and gateaux.

miann auckland dessert restaurant gelato stick chocolateThe other side has a selection of gelato sticks. I highly recommend trying a gelato stick. My favourite is the Philippine Mango & Coconut one.

miann auckland dessert restaurant eclairs gateaux macarons chocolatesThe macarons are pretty good too. My favourite flavours were lemon sesame, smoked chocolate and the salted caramel macarons.

I know this because I won a box of six macarons as Miann is currently doing a weekly prize which they choose a photo every week.

In order of the photo above, I chose oreo, salted caramel, espresso, green tea passionfruit, smoked chocolate and lemon sesame.

miann gateaux auckland desserts restaurant chocolates.jpgI also recommend trying their gateaux. This is the first thing I tried from Miann and I got four to take home.

miann gateaux chocolate dessertsThese are before and after. I got the salted caramel, passionfruit, mango, banana & coconut and the dark chocolate one.

miann auckland desserts gateaux eclairs chocolates restaurantThere are so many others to try though and they keep adding more flavours every week.

If you come at night, you also get to try their a la carte menu.

miann menu aucklandIt is a small menu but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed because the desserts look amazing.

This was Kendel’s dessert which was the top option called Shells. The server added the strawberries and warm sauce after he put the plate on our table and the ‘shell’ just melted away. She said it tasted great. This had pineapple, coconut and strawberries.

miann auckland desserts restaurant cranachan chocolate.jpgChelsea and I got the same thing which was the Cranachan. It had dulcey, raspberry, blackcurrant, oats and hazelnut. I enjoyed this because it had a nice balance of tart and sweetness. This was a summery dessert for me.

The last time I was there with my sister, I tried the eclair. We also got gelato sticks as during the day, only the items in the cabinet are available.

miann dessert restaurant auckland eclair chocolate.jpgThis was the valrhona chocolate eclair.

miann dessert restaurant auckland gelato stickThis was my sister’s gelato stick which from memory is the green tea one.

I forgot to take a photo of my mango & coconut gelato stick but here’s what it looks like:


I’ve had this twice already because it’s my favourite. I love mangoes so I cannot resist this yummy gelato stick.

Last but not the least, you can also get some chocolate or biscuits to take home or to give away.

miann auckland dessert restaurant brian campbellMiann has this section on the right with some treats. I haven’t tried any but they look good too.

miann auckland dessert restaurant chocolate biscuitsChelsea did end up getting one to take home.

miann chocolates dessert restaurant aucklandThese blocks of chocolate were so tempting!

miann desserts chocolates auckland restaurantThese packs are also great to give as gifts.

miann dessert restaurant auckland chocolate christmas hamperBut they also have special Christmas hampers full of treats! I would seriously love to get one of these.

If you live in Auckland and you haven’t been yet, you’re missing out. I love this place and I know I will keep coming back to try a lot more. This is a great place to meet someone or catch up with your foodie friends. It’s great bonding over desserts and this is the place to be.

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    • astylecollector says:

      I haven’t been to Milse in a while and last time we got their verrines my sister and I weren’t that impressed so Miann is definitely better right now. You’d enjoy Miann more as you don’t feel so enclosed and rushed.


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