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BeautynetKorea Haul

A few weeks ago, I finally made my first order from BeautynetKorea. I’ve been wanting to update my skincare routine for quite some time now and reading Elese’s Korean Skincare Routine 101 blog post gave me the push that I needed.

I’ve heard so many good things about Korean skincare and I’ve trawled through beautynetkorea before but I found it overwhelming with so many product types and brands. I eventually thought it was time and ordered a a few things.

See below what I got in my first order and all the product details.

Technically, I only bought two things but my package came with a bunch of products. All the prices in the website are in US$.

The main thing I ordered is this Etude House Wonder Pore 5Set. I thought I’d better off start with a set especially as this is my first time trying Korean skincare. The whole set was $60US but each product can also be bought separately and I’ll include their prices below.

etude house wonder pore

The set has 5 different products that is a full skincare routine. I haven’t used any of the products yet so this post will be more of an intro/what the products are meant to do.

The products in the Etude House Wonder Pore set are:

  • Deep Foaming Cleanser
  • Wonder Pore Freshner
  • Tightening Essence
  • Clearing Emulsion
  • Balancing Cream

The Wonder Pore range is meant to deep cleanse pores, control sebum, balance the skin’s pH levels, refine skin tone and cleanse the pores with a cooling effect. I’ve read a few reviews of the range too and they said it’s good for oily skin. I have oily skin so I’m hoping this would work for me.

Let’s start off with the Wonder Pore Deep Foaming Cleanser.

etude house wonder pore deep foaming cleanser.jpg

This is the first step to the skincare routine which will of course be after taking my makeup off. This has a light minty smell which I’m guessing will help with the cooling effect.

This is 170ml and is $10.98US on the site.

Next up is the Wonder Pore Freshner.

etude house wonder pore freshner

After cleansing comes the toner and this is Etude House Wonder Pore’s version. I’ve heard/read people raving about this toner so I’m looking forward to trying it. Elese has mentioned this in her post too.

This is 250ml and is $14.13US.

Following from the toner is the Wonder Pore Tightening Essence.

etude house wonder pore tightening essence

I’ve never tried an ‘essence’ product before so this would be new to my routine. Apparently essences are amazing and this one is meant to be tighten the pores to make them smooth and firm.

This is 50ml and is $16.49US.

After the essence is the Wonder Pore Clearing Emulsion.

etude house wonder pore clearing emulsion

Honestly, I don’t exactly know what the difference is between the essence and emulsion but I will follow the steps and see how I go.

This is 150ml and is $13.31US.

Last but not the least is the Wonder Pore Balancing Cream.

etude house wonder pore balancing cream

This is the only one in a pot and a small spoon/spatula thing is included. From Elese, creams are meant to lock everything in. This moisture cream has peppermint extract and the formula is meant to balance the pore’s oils. This does have a slight minty smell and from the pot, the consistency of this cream is quite light and almost watery.

This is a 50ml pot and is $14.07US.

What I noticed about the whole Wonder Pore range is the light texture of the products. Nothing feels too heavy when I’ve swatched/tried them on my hand. As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t properly applied these on my face yet but my first impressions of the range is that it doesn’t feel like it would be heavy on the skin.

I was only going to buy the Wonder Pore set but I looked at BeautynetKorea’s sample shop and got interested in trying a bunch of Snail Repair Cream.

beautynet korea samples

The MIZON All in one Snail Repair Cream sample pack had 10 sachets but what I didn’t know is that my package would also come with a few others so I could’ve probably done without it but for only $4.69US, I don’t regret it at all.

I’m looking forward to trying my other samples too and I’ve heard the TonyMoly Banana Hand Milk is amazing.

beautynetkorea skincare

When I did my online purchase, they had further sales on so I got all of the above for $48.18US! It’s less than $70NZ so this is ridiculously cheap especially for 5 full-size skincare products. I’ve bought the Clinique 3-step skincare system years ago and that set me back $200+ so getting a set of 5 products for this price is amazing.

With regards to shipping, I wasn’t really counting the days but I think it was between 2-3 weeks.

Have you tried Korean skincare before? If so, let me know your product recommendations. I will definitely update you on the Wonder Pore set once I’ve used it but for now, I hope you liked this little skincare haul of mine.

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