july highlights

July Highlights

Another month has gone by so I’m back with a highlights post. It feels like I just wrote June’s one recently and now I’m back to collating the best parts of July already. Anyway, July was hectic but it was really fun!

I went to a few events, caught up with friends and ate lots of food.

If you want to know more, click below.

I’ll get straight to it then:

july highlights

  • The start of the month was a catch up with friends. We had a lovely dinner together and I brought apple and peach crumble. Before July, I’ve never made crumble so I’m glad dessert ended up tasting good.
  • Although it was the middle of winter, we got some nice sunny days. I’ve loved wearing my Chaos & Harmony boots.
  • I had training one day at a different office so it was nice to be away from my desk for a whole day and not worrying about work and emails. It was also a later start so I popped by a cafe and enjoyed a brioche and coffee beforehand.
  • I had heaps of site visits and most of them I got really lucky with the weather and views.
  • I tried Bargain Box for the very first time in July. I’m getting another box next week and then I’ll be writing a blog post about my experience.
  • I collaborated with Avoca for this blog post and I really loved how my photos turned out. That specific photo is probably one of my favourites I’ve ever taken of myself.
  • With my sister about to have lunch. We always eat out together because food is our life. Haha
  • I went to a Bourjois event on a Monday which was so lovely. I’ll have more details in a blog post very soon!
  • We went for a few walks even though it was freezing cold.

auckland view beach

As I mentioned above, I had lots of site visits in July and I took a few good photos from them. The top two and bottom right are all from my site visits. The bottom left was during one of our afternoon walks near our house.


I also want to share my top purchases this July. You may have seen some of them on my Instagram (astylecollector) already but just in case you haven’t I got a bunch of earrings from Lovisa for $10, a really nice creme brûlée candle from The Warehouse (I bought 2 more backups because it smells so nice), a few Kmart bits including a gold cutlery set AND the best lip balm I’ve ever tried for dry lips.

July was not a good month for my lips. My lips were dry and flaky. They weren’t chapped so it wasn’t obvious but it felt like there was a layer on my lips and it was uncomfortable. I bought 2 other lip balms that didn’t work until I got the Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1. It is a lifesaver and I won’t be able to live without it now.

july auckland

We went to Devonport one weekend to have brunch and walked around. It was so windy by the ferry terminal though and even though it was cold, we still got gelato.

The social club at work had this food and beer/wine match and we got to try a few dishes from different countries. It was fun but it really made me realise how much I don’t like alcohol. Any type of alcohol especially wine and beer. Haha

astylecollector snapchat

If you haven’t added me on Snapchat, please do! My username there is angelamari04 (astylecollector). I post a lot of snaps of my cat though but because he’s such a character.

turbo cat kitty

Speaking of my cat Turbo, I got him a sweater as I wanted to see how he’d react. He didn’t like it at first but the second time I put it on he didn’t care much. Also, can you guess what’s beside him on the top left photo?

turbo cat kitty

He also met another black kitty. My bf was at the back when he saw a small black kitten. The kitten was friendly so we thought we’d introduce Turbo. They stared at each other for a long time and then eventually hissed at the same time. I hope we see the black kitty again.

For more of Turbo’s photos, check out his Instagram at Turbothetuxedo. There’s a new photo every day because I’ve become a crazy cat mum.

Lastly, I have food! I tried a few new food places the last month which was nice and exciting.

auckland food

I went to Tok Tok at the start of July and I posted all about it in this blog post. If you’re ever in Takapuna, definitely check it out and order the steamed buns for me! They’re so good!

I also brought some desserts from Miann one night. I also caught up with a friend before she moved overseas and we had dessert at House of Chocolate.

coffee auckland takapuna

Takapuna has a lot of cafes but if you haven’t tried these places, I recommend them. On the left is Kombi coffee. They have an actual VW Kombi inside. On the right is my bf’s favourite cafe in the whole world, Ark Coffee. Their chocolate slice is the bomb too and I’m not even embarrassed to say that was my breakfast that Sunday morning. Haha

auckland food

The top two photos are from Dixie Browns in Devonport. We finally got to go and I was impressed. I’ve been to Dixie Browns in Mount Maunganui and we didn’t have a good experience. The one in Devonport was nice and we all enjoyed our food.

The bottom two was our lovely lunch at The Culpeper. I think I’ll be writing a blog post about their food soon.

honey cafe takapuna

The photos above were from Honey Cafe in Takapuna. The decor is nice but the cafe gets really busy in the weekends.

the food show 2016 auckland

The latest is me going to The Food Show last weekend. I already shared a blog post featuring my haul and photos from the event so check that out over here.

In case you missed some of my blog posts in July, here are my top three:

Thank you if you made it til the end of this post! August is probably going to be a lot crazier than July not just because of my work but I have a few events to go to as well. I’m excited to be going to Street Eats courtesy of AirAsia this weekend and towards the end of August I’ll be at NZ Fashion Week as well!

Exciting times ahead!

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